Nothosaur- WIZ'S SHEATH

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Colour: Dawn Gold
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Area: Seven-Star BambooForest
(Mars), (Mercury), (Jupiter), (Venus), (Saturn), (Sun), and (Moon), collectively known as the Seven Obsidians.
These seven stars descended to the Nothosaur Mainland in the form of seven species of animals, and the habitats they visited were called Seven-Star BambooForest.
WIZ is one of the Seven Stars, a cat god who can speak the human language and appreciate the appearance of all the ghosts and gods in the world, and is an auspicious beast that can make people turn to good fortune.
Creatures come to visit WIZ to ask for blessings sometimes.
WIZ left a magic weapon for them that can transform into a beast anytime. This is called WIZ'S SHEATH. It still retains the strange design of the WIZ penis. When you wear WIZ'S SHEATH, the symmetrical and dense barbs in the upper middle part will bring you a sensation of pleasure.
The middle and lower part of the body shows the incredible power of barbs and thrusts.
Do you, want to be a BEAST?

Currently, we only offer one firmness for penis sleeve/wearable. Enough to insert, yet soft enough to easily stretch around your member length.

Simply squirt some lube inside and slip it over your member. Then carefully slide your balls through the hole at the base.

Please note that these are not contraceptive devices and are not intended to prevent any disease. Safe sex is always advised, such as condom use.

Note: Due to the characteristics of the toy; WIZ'S SHEATH can customize Solid color and Covered color.