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Toy Care Instructions

Proper Care of Platinum Silicone Toys 

Platinum  Silicone is a very durable material when cared for properly. Following the instructions and advice below will ensure your silicone toys will last, bringing you pleasure for years.


1.Make sure your toy is cleaned and dry before storing it away.
2.Storing your silicone toy with other silicone toys will be fine, however, avoid storing your silicone toy with non-silicone toys. (eg. Contact with less expensive toy materials like urethanes, rubbers, and lower grade silicones can melt, discolour, or damage your toys.)The best strategy is to individually wrap each toy in a cotton bag or airtight plastic box.
3.Store your toy on a smooth surface. Avoid sharp objects or uneven surfaces as they may damage your toy or cause indentations.
4.Silicone can be cut by sharp objects or contact with abrasive surfaces. Tears in silicone will make your toy more vulnerable to ripping.


1.Although I do in fact wash every toy once it has been removed from the mould, it is a good idea to wash your toy thoroughly before its first use. You can wash them with soap and water. You can also boil them in 90° boiling water and remove them after about 3 minutes.After cleaning, rinse the toy thoroughly and let it air dry.
2.Some lubes (oils and silicones) can be harder to fully wash off. If your toy starts to trap odours or becomes tacky, you can wipe the toy with an acetone dampened cloth to clean off any residue on the surface. Make sure to wash the toy thoroughly after cleaning it with acetone.


Water Based: Water based lubes are a great option for use with your toys. They are the most inert lube option for easy cleanup, and most are harmless to humans.

Clean Your Cum Tube Sex Toys

1.Have the product with the cum tube ready and the syringe that comes with it and a big tray of water and sanitizer. The disinfectant is 1% of the sum of the water, and then the water and the 1% disinfectant are mixed together.
2. Put the product with catheter into the water with disinfectant solution, and then fill the syringe with water.
3. Untie the cum tube, align the syringe outlet with the cum tube, and tighten it after inserting it.
4. Press the injection rod to make the disinfectant water enter the cum tube and the inside of the product pipe. Disinfectant water will be ejected from the head of the product (repeat this operation 3-5 times).
5.After the above operations are completed, disassemble the syringe and soak it in the disinfectant together with the toy for about 10 minutes.
6. After ten minutes, replace it with a basin of clean water, press the injection lever again, so that the clean water enters the injection lever and the product tube, and sprays the water from the product head. (repeat this operation 3-5 times). Then disassemble the syringe and put it in clean water with the toy for 5-10 minutes.

Using instructions

1. The using operation is roughly the same as the cleaning operation. Just fill the syringe with lubricating fluid, put it into the cum tube, and push the lubricating fluid into the product by pressing the injection rod to achieve the effect of ejaculation.
2. The texture of the lubricating fluid should be as dilute as possible to avoid the blockage of the cum tube. The lubricating fluid can also be mixed with water to achieve a dilution effect.

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