Nothosaur ROCCO-Fantasy Dragon Dildos with Suction Cup Silicone Anal Plug Sex Toys

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Size: MINI
Colour: Steel Grey Black
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Area: Ender Mechacity
ROCCO was originally a happy puppy living happily with its master in the Ender Mechacity. It is a good friend and companion of his master.
ROCCO loves to help the master run to buy mechanical parts, after completing the task the master's loving eyes and full of praise. Then rolled in the arms of the master to play happily.
It loves to lie on the doorstep at sunset, and loves the whistle of his master urging him to go home, and it will jump up excitedly, jumping and darting toward him.
On an unusual afternoon, the owner walked with ROCCO in the still bustling Mechacity, carrying a large bag of mechanical parts.
An alien mecha car suddenly roars loudly, steam jets out everywhere, malfunctions in a busy neighborhood, and crashes straight out!
Towards the master! No!
ROCCO saved the master while his own life was taken.
The story of ROCCO saving the master soon spread to Nothosaur Mainland, and Andy, the mad inventor, agreed to join forces with the NECRONS to help them.
Andy uses IRONN-025 to recover life in steam and steel reworking.
A usual sunset at sunset, the master once again whistled a whistle.
After a silence, a burst of iron falling on the ground but the familiar sound kept approaching the owner.
Is it a fully mechanized dog? No! It's a ROCCO! 
The mechanized rebirth of ROCCO shape becomes exceptionally cool and different.
The head of ROCCO's dildo is different from ordinary dildos, but it is a regular rectangular design like a giant screw.
From the head down is covered with a variety of armor shells, transmission pipes, a variety of small and large parts highlighting the rigorous. The complex but symmetrical and well-organized design is full of timeless mechanical beauty.
The knotted buckle unique to the lower middle canine is surrounded by two rounded gauntlets, which provide close protection to the knotted buckle while also increasing the thickness and the excitement of the breakthrough rises.
Connecting the two domes places two seemingly hydraulic pipe-like small tube distributions which, in the middle are clearly visible moving mechanical parts.
With such a design, you can imagine how high-energy and exciting the operation of this "machinery" will be.
Its penis looks hard and untouchable but it is soft and warm.
Watching ROCCO jumping and running towards its master, I believe they will live happier life in the future.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:10.5cm/4.1"
Usable Length:8.5cm/3.3"
Circumference of Head:6cm/2.4"
Circumference of Knot :10cm/3.9"
Circumference of Base:17.5cm/6.9"
Diameter of Head:1.9cm/0.7"
Diameter of Knot:3cm/1.2"
Diameter of Base:5.8cm/2.3"

XS Size

Total Length:12cm/4.7"
Usable Length:10cm/3.9"
Circumference of Head:7cm/2.8"
Circumference of Knot :12cm/4.7”
Circumference of Base:20.5cm/8.1"
Diameter of Head:2.2cm/0.9"
Diameter of Knot:3.4cm/1.3"
Diameter of Base:6.8cm/2.7"

S Size

Total Length:14.5cm/5.7"
Usable Length:12cm/4.7"
Circumference of Head:8.3cm/3.3"
Circumference of Knot :14cm/5.5"
Circumference of Base:24cm/9.4"
Diameter of Head:2.6cm/1.0"
Diameter of Knot:4.1cm/1.6"
Diameter of Base:8cm/3.1"

M Size

Total Length:16.5cm/6.5"
Usable Length:13.5cm/5.3"
Circumference of Head:9.5cm/3.7"
Circumference of Knot :16cm/6.3"
Circumference of Base:27.5cm/10.8"
Diameter of Head:3cm/1.2"
Diameter of Knot:4.8cm/1.9"
Diameter of Base:9.1cm/3.6"

L Size

Total Length:19.5cm/7.7"
Usable Length:16cm/6.3"
Circumference of Head:11.2cm/4.4"
Circumference of Knot :19cm/7.5"
Circumference of Base:32.5cm/12.8"
Diameter of Head:3.5cm/1.4"
Diameter of Knot:5.5cm/2.2"
Diameter of Base:10.9cm/4.3"