Nothosaur-VELOX + TUBE

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Size: M
Colour: Starry Sky Blue
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Area: Demon Orchard
VELOX are a group of spoiled little dinosaurs in the Nothosaur Mainland. They live in the lively Demon Orchard.
People love their cheerful posture and carefree character, but often laugh at their "mischief".
VELOX are close to the size of turkeys, with short, stiff little tails, and their most obvious feature is their long, thin, thick, round necks.
VELOX are so light and quick that they can quickly flee the scene after stealing and picking fruit. They can make a big show of fighting the bad guys.
They can also make travelers "shout" with joy.
VELOX are sexually promiscuous, and when they smell a traveler they like, they seek to molest him.
Ignorant travelers still revel in their puppy-like enthusiasm, unaware that the raptors are already licking their sensitive spots lustfully.
While the wet travelers were shyly wondering how these little guys could satisfy themselves, the raptors had already pushed their round heads into the flesh hole. The flexible neck drives the head in motion.
The traveler's joyful "shrill" emerged.
The initial sense of backdraft and fear will soon be completely conquered by their tongues and fierce attacks.
In the end, only the scarlet face of the traveler and the ground full of unknown liquid.
Ow~~ This group of small dinosaurs once again succeeded it.