Nothosaur-LITTLE DONGS (15 / SET)

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Special design:
Based on 15 classic products of Nothosaur, MATHAYUS / GRAEMEN / MEPHISTO / ABYSS II/ TWINS / CONOLA / ABYSS / SCORPIO / NECRONS / OVOMORPH / TUPAVOS / SUPERBIA / YANSVN / AGNME / VELOX Classic products or unreleased new products such are made into super mini squeeze toys with prototypes. One-tenth the size of the prototype! Although supermini, it still retains all the details of the original product, it looks cute and delicate, it is the perfect little replica. These little guys are made from exactly the same stuff as our full-size toys

Product Specifications:
The height of each mini anal plug is about 7~10cm, and the total width is about 1~2cm. Among them, the VELOX is slightly larger in size due to the special shape of the product. The weight of each mini anal plug is about 10~30g, of which the VELOX is about 75g. A set has 15 product types included in it.

Multiple uses:
Put the mini anal plug in your hand, you can feel its cuteness, because it is too mini! It can be squeezed, kneaded, and pulled in your hands for fun. In addition to eliminating stress, you can also break bad habits! It is a decompression toy for adults! Other than that, are you embarrassed to put the product at home, but our mini butt plug can be placed at home as a decoration, its delicate details and mini shape look like funny toys and funny art Taste.
They aren’t meant for insertion, so please be sensible with them.

1. This product is a decompression toy, please confirm the product size before purchasing, it cannot be used as a normal size adult toy.
2. The color of this product is random and cannot be selected or customized, please know before purchasing.
3. The shape of this product is an adult toy, please confirm and know before purchasing.