SWISOK-Ohp | Juicing Fighter

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Size: One Size
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Nautical World Name: Dodgy squeezer
Nautical Map Point: Giant Tree
Welcome to the Giant Tree in the nautical world of SWISOK!In the boundless ocean, after passing through the Torn Valley and the Desire Ripples, in the deep forest full of giant trees, there is a creature named Ohp. This creature seems to be a combination of an ant and an oleander hawk, and its fat body is its proud weapon. They take pleasure in taking liberties with passing creatures and feed on their semen. Layers of fat on the body lay on top of each other, forming ravines. The ten small feet in the abdomen support it to creep slowly. Looking in from the enticing entrance of Ohp, there is an endless tight inside. The inner passage is filled with a criss-cross pattern of sensation that will make you hand over all the delicious cum.

The name of this species comes from the "Ohp~~" moaning after the travelers fell into the trap of joy and were drained. Although it is a trap, Ohp's superb technology still attracts many young and energetic young people to go for a try. An endless stream of people entered, and soon the "Ohp~~" came one after another...

Note: When using the masturbator, it is recommended to use it with lube for a better experience.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

One Size

Head Circumference: 5.90 inches
Thickest Circumference: 10.23 inches
Full length: 7.08 inches
Insertable length: 7.08 inches
inner diameter: 0.59 inches
Weight: 733.5 grams / 1.61 lbs