Butt Plugs

Whether you're curious, a little experienced, or downright demonic, Juliette offers sex toys in a variety of styles, sizes and customizable colors!  so you can explore your wildest fantasy and live a life of passion and fulfillment



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Rose Plug
Rose Plug Prezzo scontato$79.90
Nothosaur IPONY-Anal Plug Soft And Easy To Enter
Nothosaur IPONY-Anal Plug Soft And Easy To Enter Prezzo scontatoA partire da $35.90
Dragon Beads Egg-Anal Beads Anal Plug Prostate Stimulation Toys
Sugar Apple
Thunder Dragon Egg
Thunder Dragon Egg Prezzo scontatoA partire da $39.90
Gape Keepe
Gape Keepe Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Daggers Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Dragon Ball Egg
Dragon Ball Egg Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Peapods Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Chocolate Butt Plug
Chocolate Butt Plug Prezzo scontatoA partire da $39.90
Thin head Tuo
Thin head Tuo Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Pineapple Butt Plug(GITD )
Pineapple Butt Plug(GITD ) Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Fat Tuo
Fat Tuo Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Nagiako Tentacle
Nagiako Tentacle Prezzo scontatoA partire da $39.90
Nothosaur RANGER-Monster Dildo Anal Massage Beads Plug Sex Toys
Anal Plug Butt Silicone Anal Bead Training Sex Toys
Anal Plug Butt Silicone Anal Bead Training Sex Toys Prezzo scontatoA partire da $29.90
Anal Plug Iarge Silicone Butt Plug Prostate Massage G-Spot Stimulation Anal Plug Sex Toys
Anal Plug Puppy Tail Anal Plug with T-Shaped Base Prostate Massage Role Play Sex Toys
Chocolate Vibrating Plugs
Chocolate Vibrating Plugs Prezzo scontatoA partire da $59.90
Electric Silicone Inflatable Anal Plug Large Anal Plug Vibrator Prostate Massage Inflatable Anal Plug
Nothosaur-BERRYBLOOM Prezzo scontato$39.90
Puppy Tail - 7 colors
Puppy Tail - 7 colors Prezzo scontato$39.90
Sark Prezzo scontato$59.90
Silicone Anal Plug Tip Raised G-Spot Prostate Massage Sex Toys
Silicone inflatable remote-controlled vibrating bead-swallowing anal plug masturbator
Vibrating Anal Plug Puppy Tail Anal Plug Can Be Worn For a Long Time
4 Size/set Anal plug butt plug Sex Toys Butt Toys For Women/Men/Couples Adult Game Masturbator Anal
Mega-Length Snake Depth Toy - 120cm/47.2" of Slithering Delight
Notosaur-PUMPMONS Prezzo scontatoA partire da $49.90

It may be time for you to open the door to the world of anal plugs,and Juliet & Martin's toy store offers anal toys for you to explore,which differ from standard dildos in that the sex toy has a trumpet base or plug at the bottom to prevent it from falling out or getting lost in the anus,Understand that anal sex is the ultimate pleasure playground when you insert anal plugs,Thousands of deep sensitive nerve endings are stimulated,and the feeling of orgasm will never dull you! No matter what size or shape you prefer,our range of toys will meet all your needs!

How To Select Butt Plugs🤔

Materials:We recommend that beginners use softer plugs because they have good flexibility and robustness,which means that it is easier to get pleasure while being easy to insert,and slowly stretching the sphincter over time will allow you to experience more stimulation than you think We recommend the Dragon Ball Egg First,it is made of soft platinum silicone,with a smooth surface and a small head (1.1 inches),and a bulge in the middle to provide greater pleasure after adaptation Type:A pointier tip can make insertion easier;A rounder tip can feel smoother on the way in;A curved tip can help stimulate the prostate;A ridged or textured tip can deliver more stimulation to the surface of the skinSize:Getting used to wearing butt plugs takes a bit of getting used to,one option we offer is to try the Rose Plug,an anal training kit that comes with 3 plugs and gradually gets bigger,so you can feel the larger size of the butt plug over time and with your level of adaptation

How To Properly Clean My Butt Plugs💦

For surface cleaning:WaterSoap:Liquid hand soap or castile soap is preferred. Antibacterial soap is fine but not necessary.Avoid using harsh soaps like dish soap.Paper towels or clean washcloths: Use these to air-dry toys after cleaning.For deep cleaning:Pot for boiling water:You can disinfect a variety of toys by first surface-cleaning them and then submerging them in boiling water for just a few minutes.Dishwasher:Make sure your dishwasher offers the appropriate settings to disinfect. Otherwise,you’re better off boiling or bleaching your toys.Paper towels or clean washcloths:Use these to air-dry toys after cleaning

Are Butt Plugs Safe To Use✌️

Anal plugs are becoming more and more popular as sex toys among adventurous partners, and you may ask,are they really safe to use? Of course it is,as long as you choose materials like silicone and stainless steel that are safe for humans and non-porous because they don't allow air,water or other liquids to pass through,making it harder for bacteria to survive