Masturbation Cup

Try one of these Masturbation cup, and when you get inside, the folds will wrap around you, giving you a great sense of pleasure



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SWISOK-Ohp | Juicing Fighter
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SWISOK-Ohp | Sunset Coast
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SWISOK-Ohp | Oleander Hawkworm
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WIn the busy life, it is very important to find some relaxation and pleasure of your own. For men, the airplane cup could be a very good choice. It can not only meet personal sexual needs, but also bring the ultimate pleasure experience. we are helps you find the perfect airplane cup for your personal thrill ride.

How to use a Masturbation Cup❓

When using the airplane cup,proper posture can lead to a better experience and fun (lying flat or lying down).Be sure to clean the cup thoroughly before and after use, thoroughly clean the exterior and interior parts with plenty of warm water and a safe,non-irritating cleaner,and place in a ventilated place to ensure dry before storage.The appropriate use of water-based lubricants will help reduce the sense of friction and provide a smoother insertion. Fast and slow: Try different speeds and rhythms,gentle massage, accelerated rhythm,bring different pleasure experience

Maintenance and Storage of Aircraft Cups🌞

In order to extend the service life of the aircraft cup, we recommend to thoroughly clean the cup after each use and ensure that it is dry when stored, wash it with plenty of warm water, and add appropriate gentle and safe cleaning agent to clean the inside and outside, store the cup in a dry and ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature to prevent material damage. Disinfect regularly with a special airplane cup disinfectant. So you can reuse it when you want

Advantages of Using Airplane Cups👍

(1)The Airplane Cup is very safe to use because it is a toy carefully manufactured by us with 100% platinum silicone (2)The airplane cup is your toy, so you can take it with you wherever you go, and it's portable (3)Use only need to add lubricant to the inside, very convenient