Remote Anal Plug - 16 Vibration Modes Butt Plug - Outdoor Anal Toy - Stimulating Anal Dilator

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【Size】: The width of the parasol (including the rotor) is about 75mm and the length is about 150mm. Since it is a youth backpack that can have enough flexibility and softness, there are few size restrictions and it is suitable for any group of people.
【Special design】: Different from the previous products, this time it is designed according to the shape, so it fits perfectly with the bra, you can not only feel the wonderful wearing feeling, but also feel the sense of restraint in the middle. In addition, there are many Ebos on the inside of the Penissac, and when wearing it, it will enhance the sense of stimulation and will make people feel indescribable pleasure.
【Five Rotors and 10 Vibration Modes】: The full length of the Sark is 150 mm, and the five rotors are on the sides and the front respectively, you can enjoy the powerful vibration from the kimono to the pole, showing the thrill of vitality, in The head of the full-body driving is as comfortable as white, and at the same time, it brings you an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. In addition, it is not a single stage, but has 10 vibration modes, which can be switched according to preferences and experience 10 kinds of stimulation. 

【Premium Material】: Using TPE material with soft touch, it has excellent softness, will not hurt the skin, and is comfortable to use. It is not easy to be damaged even if it is pulled, it can be used repeatedly, and it is also gentle on the environment.

【USB power supply】: It is a USB power supply method that can be used directly by plugging into a mobile power supply, USB port, etc., without replacing the charger and battery, which is very convenient. In addition, when connected to the power supply, it can be used frequently without using the charging method, and the continuous pleasure~