Nothosaur MEO'S PAW-Fantasy Dragon Claw Dildos Prostate Stimulation Anal Plug Butt Plug Sex Toys

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Colour: Steel Grey
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Cool Appearance Design:Dragon Paw ultra cool and realistic design based on the dragon's hand. Whether it is a mini version or a large dragon hand, every part is very detailed. The raised dragon scales are attached to the back of the hand, the thick knuckles and fingertips, all of which look quite realistic. The calluses on the palms of the palms are prominent, and it is not difficult to see that this dragon has undergone hard work.

Stress Relief:The popular irritability game can help relieve stress and anxiety, restore your mood, generate happiness, and make you feel safe. Squeeze, throw, or hit at will, and it will return to its original state after a period of time. It also prevents adults and children from tearing clothes, playing with their hair, or biting their nails when stressed.

Multiple Uses:In addition to eliminating stress, the Dragon Paw can also be used as a tricky toy. The realistic dragon hand is thrown at others at will, which can play a funny and tricky role! Large-scale dragon hands can be used in cosplay, and can also be used for role-playing in family play to use dragon hands props to increase the playability of dragon hands and a good family atmosphere.