Horse whip


Size: MINI
Colour: Gold
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Horse whip

This toy is available in 6 sizes. Suitable for beginners and more advanced users. Featuring realistic textures and attractive bumps and curves, designed for thrust, bite and even oral use. Enjoy countless hours of fun and order Horse whip today!

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total length:5.1 inches
Usable Length:4.3 inches
Head circumference:3.9 inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:4.5 inches
Circumference of Base:6.7 inches
Head diameter:1.2 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:1.5 inches
Chassls diametel:2.1inches
Weight: 113.8 grams

S Size

Total length:6.5 inches
Usable Length:5.5 inches
Head circumference:4.9 inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:5.9 inches
Circumference of Base:8.6 inches
Head diameter:1.6 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:2.0 inches
Chassls diametel:2.7 inches
Weight: 248 grams

M Size

Total length:8.1 inches
Usable Length:6.7 inches
Head circumference:5.9 inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:7.3 inches
Circumference of Base:10.6 inches
Head diameter:2.0 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:2.4 inches
Chassls diametel:3.4 inches
Weight: 445.5 grams

L Size

Total length:9.4 inches
Usable Length:7.9 inches
Head circumference:7.1 inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:8.4 inches
Circumference of Base:12.6 inches
Head diameter:2.4 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:2.8 inches
Chassls diametel:4.0 inches
Weight: 739.2 grams

XL Size

Total length:11 inches
Usable Length:9.2 inches
Head circumference:8.1 inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:9.8 inches
Circumference of Base:14.5 inches
Head diameter:2.8 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:3.2 inches
Chassls diametel:4.7 inches
Weight: 1145 grams

XXL Size

Total length:12.4 inches
Usable Length:10.2 inches
Head circumference:9 inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:11.2 inches
Circumference of Base:16.7 inches
Head diameter:3.1 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:3.6 inches
Chassls diametel:5.3 inches
Weight:1663 grams


Total length:14 inches
Usable Length:11.6 inches
Head circumference:11.4inches
Thickest Circumference of Shaft:12.4 inches
Circumference of Base:19 inches
Head diameter:3.5 inches
Thickest shaft diameter:4.1 inches
Chassls diametel:5.9 inches
Weight: 2320 grams