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Realistic Dildos


About Realistic Dildos

What is a Realistic Dildo

A realistic dildo is generally a dildo that is shaped and sized like a penis and is designed using a real male penis as a reference, with rich vein texture and testicle ball detail. If you are looking for a more realistic experience compared to other dildos, then the most realistic dildo is the perfect choice for you.
Regardless of gender or orientation, anyone can enjoy the pleasure of a realistic dildo.

How to choose a Realistic Dildo

Before choosing the best realistic dildo, it's important to understand your body and preferences. Here’s our guide to choosing a realistic dildo.
- Usage level -
If you are new to using dildos, choose a realistic dildo that is slim, short in diameter, and smooth and soft. Because it is easy to enter, you don’t have to worry about whether it will hurt during insertion, so you can slowly get used to the comfortable pleasure of penetration. If you are an intermediate or advanced dildo user, choose a longer, thicker realistic dildos that effectively enhance orgasmic pleasure.
- Material -
Our realistic dildos are handmade using phthalate-free liquid silicone and platinum silicone. The outside is soft and comfortable while the inside is as strong as a real penis, providing a perfect insertion experience and physical safety.
- Length -
Both shorter and longer lifelike dildos provide different experience, and we offer realistic dildos from 3 inches to 15 inches. Realistic dildos of 4-5 inches are suitable for beginners, and realistic dildos of 7 inches or above are suitable for intermediate and advanced users.
- Perimeter -
The girth of a realistic dildo determines how full you feel when it's inserted. Because the designed real life dildo feels thicker and thicker, it brings a fuller stimulating pleasure of expansion and friction to the vagina or anus after insertion. A good method is to insert with your fingers to calculate how comfortable you want to be. Then use a tape measure to measure the diameter and circumference.

How to use a Realistic Dildo

Make sure to Relax
We understand that there will inevitably be hesitant for the first time, so we recommend that before you use the realistic dildo, close the doors and windows and draw down the curtains to ensure a dark environment (please ignore it if you like light). It's important to keep yourself "aroused" in the usual ways (like porn videos, erotic novels, etc.). If you feel awkward, it will make penetration difficult.
Use Lubricating Oil
Whether it's a realistic dildo or other type of sex toy, lubrication is required during insertion. Water-based lubricants are suitable for almost everyone in any situation and are more compatible with silicone dildos. Because you'll likely be having anal or vaginal penetration, using plenty of lube is a great way to experience it.
Get Familiar with the Feeling Slowly
You can use a real man dildo to rub your perineum or anus before inserting it. When the feeling gradually heats up, insert yourself with the real dildo and start pushing in and out slowly.
Get Familiar with and Establish a Rhythm
Once you get used to realistic dildos and unique stimulation techniques, you can start experimenting with different rhythms and speeds. Feel the difference between smooth, thrusting sex and fast, craving-for-more sex, and find a method that works for you.

How to use a Realistic Dildo for Pleasure

Anterior Stimulation
For women, the most sensitive vaginal nerve endings are in the anterior part of the vagina during entry. Therefore, you don’t have to pursue deep penetration when you use a life like dildo to masturbate and achieve orgasm.
Using a real dildo to rub the front of the vagina quickly, and then you can easily achieve orgasmic pleasure.
This is also true for men, since the anus is filled with more sensitive nerve endings, this type of stimulation is more likely to cause a prostate orgasm, and the stimulation will linger for a while even after it's over.
Deep Insertion
Once you are familiar with using a realistic dildo, this type of penetration is exactly what you imagined when you first heard about it and was exposed to it.
Each progressive inch along the length of the vagina or anus provides sensory stimulation. This stimulation is even more intense when using some realistic dildos with special designs such as vein textures, testicle balls, etc.
Multiple ways to use
Perhaps you have seen in pornographic videos or pornographic novels that when a woman is about to climax, she will insert more deeply and quickly to rub her clitoris, followed by a trembling moan.
This means you can, too, shake your realistic dildo and move it back and forth at an angle that will give you pleasure, and thanks to the soft but firm design of the dildo's glans, it will put enough pressure on the stimulating walls to get a realistic-like thrust. The feeling of penetration.
This technique can also be used when stimulating the male prostate.

How to clean a Realistic Dildo

We know that any sex toy needs to be in intimate contact with the private parts of the body, so good cleaning and care practices are critical. We have provided some guidelines to read.
Confirm the realistic dildo material
Most sex toys can be washed with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water, but specifically only non-porous sex toys made of silicone
Cleaning method
Wash the realistic dildo by hand using mild antibacterial soap and warm water (5 minutes), if further cleaning is required use sex toy cleaner and hot water (soak time 15-30 minutes), do not use alcohol, bleach, etc. items to clean, which could trigger a chemical reaction that could damage the sex toy.
Maintenance and storage methods
After each cleaning, use soft sterile paper towels or towels to wipe and ensure ventilation and dryness. This will effectively increase the use time of sex toys.
After cleaning and drying your favorite lifelike dildo, store it in its original packaging, plastic container, bag, or box to keep the sex toy free from dust the next time you use it.

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