SWISOK Jareth | The Envy - Fantasy Lizard Dildo - Double Headed Dildo - 4.4 Inch Monster Dildo

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They all should belong to me!" —— Jareth | The Envy

Nautical World Name: Envy - Jareth
Nautical Map Point: Uncharted territory

Jareth, the Envy of the Seven Sins, was once among the most wretched of captains. His desires weren't for treasures, but for the reputation and power possessed by the other captains. Jareth longed to be the most celebrated captain, but constantly felt inferior to the rest. Upon hearing of the "Hunter's" resurrection, he saw this as an opportunity to prove himself. Jareth decided to sow the seeds of doubt among the captains, attempting to undermine their unity.

The schemes of Envy led to distrust and discord among the other captains. They began to suspect one another, and unity crumbled. Jareth saw that his plan was working but also realized the depths of his inner weakness. His jealousy not only shattered the unity of the captains but also left him more isolated than ever.

When the "Hunter" emerged, Jareth observed the tremendous power he possessed. Instead of fleeing, he sought to collaborate with the Hunter to acquire that power for himself. Yet, the Hunter saw through his deceit. There was no intention to engage with Jareth, each captain was cursed individually and equally.

The transformation into a lizard-like being was a mysterious and horrifying process. The curse's effects began with a subtle discomfort, as if countless ants were crawling under his skin. His skin gradually became rough, resembling lizard scales. These scales began spreading from his face, covering his arms and body.

Throughout the transformation, Jareth underwent rapid physiological changes. His eyes grew larger, pupils elongated like a lizard's. His limbs extended, and webbing appeared between his fingers and toes. His facial features twisted as his mouth turned into a pointed snout, filled with sharp teeth. Finally, a tail slowly grew from his waist, like that of a true lizard. However, his genitals didn't adopt a reptilian form. Instead, they split into two and took on an unusual appearance, shaped like the reproductive organs of the many sharks he had encountered during his voyages. But there were distinct differences; his length was noticeably shorter, and he bore unique markings, transforming from a simple cylindrical shape into an indescribable form. Although he now had two organs, his size couldn't compare to those of the other captains, making it seem as if the Hunter were mocking him.

This transformation didn't just affect Jareth's appearance; it also profoundly impacted his character and inner turmoil. Compared to the other six captains, his physicality was far less imposing. His feelings of envy intensified, and now he's on the run from the Hunter, using all his resources to lift the curse, even if it means resorting to the darkest of paths.

In his relentless pursuit of redemption, Jareth's journey will test his character, pushing him further into the abyss of darkness.

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