SWISOK-Euna with Cum Tube | The Gluttony

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Color: Lava Absorber
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Nautical World Name: Gluttony- Euna
Nautical Map Point: Weeping Reef

Euna used to be the thinnest of the 7 great pirates, but after he was cursed by the hunter, he found himself eating more and more every day. He even woke up with a piece of wood that was in the cabin in his mouth.

Euna's ship finally sank at Weeping Reef, and Euna found his body flowing in the sea, slowly turning into slime and returning to his body. He turned into a monster made of runny slime. His dildo is the same flowing mucus as its body, maintaining a hideous shape! The head of the dildo is in the shape of a five-pointed star. The double points at the top can easily break through any hole, and the horns on both sides touch every inch of the opponent's mucous membrane. The slime on the shaft of the dildo seems to be alive, providing a full range of stimulation. And the rounded base helps the Euna cling to all smooth surfaces - that's for it's spray ready! The Euna injection function is unparalleled, and the liquid ejected from the dildo and the liquid in the opponent's body seem to be integrated into the dildo itself, turning into a helper to assist the dildo, until the opponent's body fluids are completely absorbed and swallowed by Euna!

This is the curse that hunters brought to Euna-Gluttony! It became the hunter's subordinate, helping the hunter hunt the former partner, while devouring the bodily fluids of everyone along the way.

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