Nothosaur MEPHISTO - Fantasy Demon Dildo - 15 Inch Monster Dildo - Alien Cock Dildo

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Size: S
Colour: Earl Black Green
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Area: Daimon Castle
MEPHISTO is the incarnation of a demon that lives in the Daimon Castle of the eastern.
Legend has it that it is a fallen angel of the gods of the Nothosaur world who loves broken petals and corrupted souls. It delights in luring others into its cunning traps.
MEPHISTO often shows up as a flamboyant man, often going to the surrounding demon park to pick "flowers" (flowers of corruption).
MEPHISTO often covets the Lavender gardens in Devil's Park, "The flowers in your garden are too lifeless, do you want to try my nutrient solution? (Poison)"
NICOS & FAXI "No thanks."
MEPHISTO may look like a gentleman, but he has a heart of pure evil.
The weapon between its two spans unmistakably emits the aura of ferocity and sin.
If you hear MEPHISTO's demonic six-tunes song in the gloomy old Daimon Castle. Yes! A poor guy is being "tortured" by MEPHISTO again.
The Devil's Six Tunes -Seduction Deception Delight Greed Bondage Destruction.
🎼Seduction, the rounded glans with pearly bulges is a tempting trap that makes people let down their guard and jump at the chance to try.
🎼Deception, when the penis eases in and breaks through the first ring it becomes clear that you have been tricked by MEPHISTO. The first ring brings a sense of pressure and excitement making one's head tingle.
🎼Delight, slowly deeper, perhaps the magic of the demon MEPHISTO, the attraction from the sense of orgasm drives you to continue down.
🎼Greed, you have reached the fourth ring, it is no longer just the magic of MEPHISTO, it is the greed of the inner self for deeper stimulation, "please give me more".
🎼Bondage, five convex rings of frantic thrusts, this is the reckless indulgence after you lose all the guidelines, the more rapacious moans have joined the acceleration running to the demonic tune climax point.
🎼Destruction, penetration, and climax point coming! The song ends. Only the madly destroyed pussy is left behind.

Only such broken "petals" can be called delicate.

Appearance Design
There are six rings in MEPHISTO.
Each ring is the height of the dragon's leap.
Each ring is a horizontal breakthrough.
A strong, powerful shape with enough ridges, bumps, and texture up and down the shaft to tease the senses and keep things adventurous
Passing through the clouds and breaking through the storm is the highest happiness.
Come on, breakthrough yourself!

Creatively designed with an upturned tip, round ridges, thickened stripes, and incredible bulge, this monster dildo hits every spot when this monster dildo goes in and out with lubricant, bringing an amazing feeling. The ridges are one by one rounded and pronounced to drive you high. Not only does the product body offer you a premium look, but also each color is unique, the art design of our products is the color texture of each product are unique.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total Length:17CM/6.6"
Usable Length :14CM/5.5"
Diameter of Head :3.2CM/1.3"
Diameter of Middle:4.0CM/1.6"
Diameter of Tail:4.5CM/1.8"
Diameter of Base:7.0CM/2.8"
Weight: 260grams

M Size

Total Length:21CM/8.3"
Usable Length :17CM/6.7"
Diameter of Head :4.0CM/1.6"
Diameter of Middle:5.0CM/2.0"
Diameter of Tail:5.5CM/2.2"
Diameter of Base:9.0CM/3.5"
Weight: 450grams

L Size

Total Length:25CM/9.8"
Usable Length :20CM/7.9"
Diameter of Head :4.8CM/1.9"
Diameter of Middle:6.0CM/2.4"
Diameter of Tail:6.5CM/2.6"
Diameter of Base:11.0CM/4.3"
Weight: 800grams

XL Size

Total Length:29CM/11.4"
Usable Length :24CM/9.4"
Diameter of Head :5.6CM/2.2"
Diameter of Middle:7.0CM/2.8"
Diameter of Tail:7.5CM/3.0"
Diameter of Base:13.0CM/5.1"
Weight: 1230grams

XXL Size

Total Length:33CM/13.0"
Usable Length :27CM/10.6"
Diameter of Head :6.2CM/2.4"
Diameter of Middle:8.0CM/3.2"
Diameter of Tail:8.5CM/3.3"
Diameter of Base:15.0CM/5.9"
Weight: 1800grams


Total Length:38CM/15.0"
Usable Length :30CM/11.8"
Diameter of Head :7.0CM/2.8"
Diameter of Middle:9.0CM/3.5"
Diameter of Tail:9.5CM/3.7"
Diameter of Base:17.0CM/6.7"
Weight: 2150grams