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Aries is the constellation of the northern zodiac, with Taurus and Pisces on the east and west sides. The original Latin name of the constellation "Aries" means the ram, and the symbol is Aries.svg (astronomical symbol: "♈"), which represents the horn.
Aries was called "the lord of the mind" in Egyptians, referring to its symbolism and importance in mythology.
Date of Birth: March 21-April 20
Lucky Color: Red
Patronus: Ares
Favorite places: lively and prosperous places; dangerous or labor-intensive places.
Constellation characteristics: energetic, enthusiastic and frank, freedom-loving, generous and sincere, brave and straightforward and stubborn.

Appearance Design
The overall shape of Aries is more like a sculpture, which can be seen as two deities embedded in the product.
Different from other products, the top of Aries is full of concave and convex textures, and the small deities are inlaid in the transition between the head and the body, which merges the Aries's head with the body.
Whether it is front or back, a circle of hair interwoven with each other covering the middle and upper part of Aries, full of youthful breath.
The middle and lower part of the product is the big head of the fetish, and the thick curved corners show the image of the dictator. At the same time, this part is the thickest part of the product, which is a wonderful challenge for riding Aries.
The bottom of Aries is also surrounded by curved horns, and in the center is the Aries constellation symbol ♈.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total length:5.1" / 13CM
Insertable length:4.5"/ 11.5CM
Head Diameter:1.1"/ 2.8CM
Middle diameter:1.7" / 4.3CM
Tail diameter:1.2" / 3.0CM
Chassis diameter:1.9" / 5.0CM
Head circumference:3.5"/ 9.0CM
Thickest circumference:5.5" / 14CM

M Size

Total length:6.3" / 16CM
Insertable length:5.3"/ 13.5CM
Head Diameter:1.3"/ 3.4CM
Middle diameter:2.1" / 5.3CM
Tail diameter:1.4" / 3.7CM
Chassis diameter:2.4" / 6.2CM
Head circumference:4.3"/ 11CM
Thickest circumference:6.7" / 17CM

L Size

Total length:7.5" / 19CM
Insertable length:6.5"/ 16.5CM
Head Diameter:1.6"/ 4.1CM
Middle diameter:2.5" / 6.3CM
Tail diameter:1.7" / 4.4CM
Chassis diameter:2.8" / 7.2CM
Head circumference:5.1"/ 13CM
Thickest circumference:7.9" / 20CM

XL Size

Total length:8.6" / 22CM
Insertable length:7.5"/ 19CM
Head Diameter:1.8"/ 4.7CM
Middle diameter:2.9" / 7.3CM
Tail diameter:2.0" / 5.1CM
Chassis diameter:3.2" / 8.2CM
Head circumference:5.9"/ 15CM
Thickest circumference:9.0" / 23CM