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Size: XS
Colour: Heat
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Area: Awakening Sea
Unknown creatures live in the dark seabed, far from the hustle and bustle of the land.
A hot aura exudes in one of these caves and is a primal urge to mate and reproduce.
"ALLA" as a native race contemporary, is buried deep under the dark sea to grow, think, and release desire.
Alla started to expand its range from the shoreline, diving into freshwater rivers in search of new prey. Alla's ancestors evolved to form a wider mouth and bite-resistant teeth to seize better prey, which grew larger and faster than sea life.
Alla's Tentacles could sense the state of the other, from their slender ankles up to their calves and then slowly circling their skin. Alla likes to curiously explore with the tip tentacles as if to feel through each other's body structure.
Alla is a holy creature created by the gods. It appears to have a dull red outer skin, but it can emit a ghostly blue light that makes it look like something divine. Alla's appearance is shrouded in mystery, and no one knows how these creatures first came into existence.
Alla’s tentacles are up to 66cm long, Soft and powerful, greedy and restless, and his suction cups are round and smooth, adsorbed on your bodies with gentle and robust sucking...
When numerous suction cups are doing profound works with the flesh wall to produce the mucus sound of the bar - that is the beautiful symphony of mating with Alla.

Design Description:
The pointed head is for easy entry. The realistic tentacle suction pad starts from the slender tip to the base. The whole shaft is designed with a spiral curved shaft, sliding its soft tentacle suction pad along the way as you go deeper inside for an immersive experience from the ocean. With the base suction cup, you can find endless enjoyment with ALLA tentacles anywhere!

Perfectly designed for depth play and stretching, whether used vaginally or anally.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

XS Size

Total Length:30.0CM/ 11.8"
Usable Length:28.0CM/ 11.0"
Diameter of Head:1.5CM/ 0.6"
Diameter of Shaft-base:3.0CM/ 1.2"
Diameter of Base:4.3CM/ 1.7"

S Size

Total Length:40.0CM/ 15.7"
Usable Length:37.5CM/ 14.8"
Diameter of Head:2.1CM/ 0.8"
Diameter of Shaft-base:3.9CM/ 1.5"
Diameter of Base:5.9CM/ 2.3"

M Size

Total Length:55CM/ 22.0"
Usable Length:50CM/ 19.7"
Diameter of Head:2.7CM/ 1.1"
Diameter of Shaft-base:5.3CM/ 2.1"
Diameter of Base:7.8CM/ 3.1"

L Size

Total Length:60CM/ 23.6"
Usable Length:54.5CM/ 21.0"
Diameter of Head:3.0CM/ 1.2"
Diameter of Shaft-base:5.7CM/ 2.2"
Diameter of Base:8.5CM/ 3.3"

XL Size

Total Length:106.0CM/ 41.0"
Usable Length:96.0CM/ 37.7"
Diameter of Head:5.0CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Shaft-base:10.0CM/ 3.9"
Diameter of Base:14.0CM/ 5.6"


Total Length:50CM/ 19.6"
Usable Length:45CM/ 17.7"
Diameter of Head:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Shaft-base:9.3CM/ 3.6"
Diameter of Base:14.4CM/ 5.7"