Nothosaur LEO - Fantasy Lion Dildo - Tentacle Dildo - Zodiac Dildo

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Color: Fiery Blaze
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Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac in the twelve constellations.

"Leo" combines the dominant and assertive personality with the tangible image of a lion.

Features: The densely covered thorns and raised dots on the tongue are designed to reduce resistance during entry and provide a sensory experience. When used with lubrication, it bounces and glides, imitating the sensation of licking and adding a touch of spiritual allure.

The top predator of the Brooke Grassland is the tribe of lions who inhabit this land. Surprisingly, this extensive grassland is ruled solely by one tribe known as the Lion Constellation. The Lion Constellation consists of around 1000 members, with only one male and the rest being females. This male is hailed as the Lion King or the Leo.

He pursues strength, yearns for brightness, and possesses the desire and power to conquer. However, The Lion King's sole purpose is not to hunt but to mate with the female members of the tribe. To fulfill the needs of the female members, the Lion King even uses his own tongue during mating. Over time, the Lion King's tongue becomes remarkably agile, growing tiny bumps and extending in length. With the Lion King's flexible tongue, he fervently stimulates the G-spot of the tribe members, rapidly moistening their vaginas, and ultimately pushes them to climax. It's quite a feat of technique, as the lion tribe has a very low probability of conception, only occurring during climax...

Year after year, day after day, this cycle continues until the next Lion King is born.