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Colour: Watermelon
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Nautical World Name:Desert Lurker
Nautical Map Point: Moonshade Desert

In the world of Swisok, adventurers are constantly exploring treasures and exotic beasts from all over the world. Their ships sailed out to sea, their caravans across the desert. A caravan suddenly became sexually obsessed after being in the depths of the Moonshade Desert, because the caravan had been parasitized by Parasand!

Parasand is a worm-like parasite that once existed only in the depths of the Moonshade Desert, waiting for unsuspecting creatures to pass by. As adventurers opened up the world of SWISOK, Parasand followed across the continent. Parasand possess a long mouthparts that protrudes from their fang-filled base. The curved scales on the front of the mouthparts help them easily enter the bodies of passing adventurers, where they lay their eggs. As the eggs hatch, new Parasands will continue to reproduce, and producing a new generation.

Soon people discovered the value of Parasand. That's the unique feeling it induces in the human body when it lays eggs! As the eggs hatch, the host experiences an unprecedented pleasure. And will have sex like crazy! Rich man hire adventurers to go to the desert to bring Parasand back to experience the perfect sex experience they have never felt! Parasand became one of the most coveted treasures of adventurers!

Note: When using the ovipositor, it is recommended to use it with lube for a better experience.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

One Size

Head Circumference: 5.12 inches
Thickest Circumference: 5.51 inches
Full length: 6.89 inches
Insertable length: 5.91 inches
Head Inside diameter: 0.59 inches
Thickest Inside diameter: 0.98 inches
Weight: 226 grams / 0.498 lbs