Nothosaur WIZ II - Fantasy Dildo - Thick Animal Dildo - 8 Sizes

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COLOR: Noble White Gold


Area: Seven-Star BambooForest
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, and Moon are collectively known as the Seven Obsidians.
They become seven species of animals. "WIZ" is one of a kind. 
This is called the Seven-Star BambooForest.
WIZ will use sex to grant their wishes.
The company of WIZ must be a sign of good luck.
The design of WIZ's penis is as bizarre as that of a god beast, and the head retains the beast's form.
The symmetrical and dense bumps in the upper middle bring the pleasure of floating. The swollen veins in the lower middle parts of the body show its great power.
The power of the beast can be known between thrusting and barbed friction.
Do you want a blessing "action" with WIZ?

Appearance design
WIZ have rounded head and wrinkled foreskin are its fatal lure to you, and the barb further down is your sweet treat.
Entering the middle, its body will be thickened, and you will feel that it has strong muscles and prominent blood vessels, which constantly stimulates you to continue to enter it; when you come to the bottom you will feel its soft fluff, it seems to be stroking your body when you go deep into it. At the end of WIZ , the soft fur of the divine beast gives you a deeper sense of story experience.
Would you like to be blessed enough to have an in-depth conversation with WIZ?

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