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Size: S
Colour: Glacier Dark Blue(UV GITD)
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Area: Frozen Icefield
Long surviving in the Frozen Icefield, QALU is a kind of gentle mermaid, it has some human-like qualities, but her gray-blue skin and long, strange nails make its different from mortals.
It sees children playing on the shore and buzzes them away from the shore to keep them away from thin ice or water.
And when it meets young people who fall into the frozen lake or pass by, it seduces them into sexual intercourse in order to use their youthful energy to maintain its beauty.
Don't be afraid if you feel a tentacle-like gray-blue strip in the icy or frozen water.
That's QALU's treasure playing with you. This long, thin thing from the QALU legs stretching, to your flesh hole.
It will embrace you and kiss you lightly. In the cold weather, let's burn the wanton fire together.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total Length:20CM/ 8.1"
Usable Length:17.5CM/ 6.9"
Head Circumference:3.0CM/ 1.2"
Thickest Circum -ference of Shaft:14CM/ 5.5"
Circumference of Base :28CM/ 11"
Head Diameter:0.9CM/ 0.3"
Thickest Shaft Diameter :5CM/ 1.9"
Base Diameter :10.5CM/ 4.1"
Weight: 260g

M Size

Total Length:25CM/ 10"
Usable Length:21CM/ 8.2"
Head Circumference:3.5CM/ 1.4"
Thickest Circum -ference of Shaft:17CM/ 6.7"
Circumference of Base :35CM/ 14"
Head Diameter:1.1CM/ 0.4"
Thickest Shaft Diameter :6.0CM/ 2.3"
Base Diameter :12.5CM/ 4.9"
Weight: 485g

L Size

Total Length:30CM/ 11.8"
Usable Length:25CM/ 9.8"
Head Circumference:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Thickest Circum -ference of Shaft:20CM/ 7.9"
Circumference of Base :41CM/ 16"
Head Diameter:1.3CM/ 0.5"
Thickest Shaft Diameter :7.0CM/ 2.7"
Base Diameter :14.5CM/ 5.7"
Weight: 790g

XL Size

Total Length:35CM/ 13.8"
Usable Length:29CM/ 11.4"
Head Circumference:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Thickest Circum -ference of Shaft:23CM/ 9.0"
Circumference of Base :48CM/ 19"
Head Diameter:1.5CM/ 0.6"
Thickest Shaft Diameter :8.1CM/ 3.2"
Base Diameter :17.5CM/ 6.9"
Weight: 1250g