Nothosaur IPONY-Anal Plug Soft And Easy To Enter

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Size: MINI
Colour: Pure Blood White Black
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Area: Brooke Grassland
IPONY is a small and extremely cuddly horse unique to the Nothosaur Mainland. It has mastered the MINI shrinking magic, a low energy consumption magic that can be maintained for a long time.
The height of an IPONY is less than half a meter at the shoulder. The body is strong and sturdy, the limbs are short and strong, and the coat color is complex, including bay, chestnut, green and black.
IPONY is very active and often uses its short legs to make 2-meter sprints (which are harmless).
IPONY is very cuddly and often surrounds humans and peaceful creatures.
IPONY often use their furry heads to rub against the legs of the creatures.
Everyone has no resistance to its cuteness. "Oh~So cute っっっ♡♡♡♡"

IPONY is very fond of sex, although small in stature but has a short and powerful guy. The thick central part often explodes with the potential to make the other party come.
In a world of giant creatures, IPONY is very dependent on humans and has reached a companionship with them that is more than a couple-friend relationship.
IPONY like nothing better than to use their unique MINI shrinking technique to "get closer and deeper" with humans.
MINI shrinkage makes the cloud pony into a small anal plug in the shape of its own penis and then fixed in the human pussy ~ ~ Because it is low-energy magic, IPONY can stay in that warm and comfortable flesh hole for a long time. Humans love it very much. With every step, IPONY's muscles seemed to hit the stimulation point in the meat hole once.

Appearance design:
Flared head with a small knot in the middle of the shaft & an anchor-shaped base is easy for a strap-on. A good toy for outdoor use.

Note: If you want to combine IPONY with Strap, please add both to the card.
Strap-on (suitable for IPONY)


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total length:3.2" / 8.2CM
Usable Length:2.7"/ 7CM
Circumference of Knot:2.6"/ 6.7CM
Diameter of Head:1.0"/ 2.7CM
Diameter of Knot:0.8"/ 2.2CM
Diameter of Base:1.8"/ 4.5CM
Weight:27 grams

S Size

Total length:2.6" / 6.6 CM
Usable Length:2.2"/ 5.5CM
Circumference of Knot:2.9"/ 7.3CM
Diameter of Head:1.2"/ 3.0CM
Diameter of Knot:1.0"/ 2.5CM
Diameter of Base:2.0"/ 5CM
Weight:27 grams

M Size

Total length:3.5" / 8.8CM
Usable Length:2.9"/ 7.5CM
Circumference of Knot:3.8"/ 9.8CM
Diameter of Head:1.6"/ 4.0CM
Diameter of Knot:1.2"/ 3CM
Diameter of Base:2.7"/ 7CM

L Size

Total length:4.7" / 12CM
Usable Length:3.9"/ 10CM
Circumference of Knot:5.2"/ 13.3CM
Diameter of Head:2.2"/ 5.5CM
Diameter of Knot:1.8"/ 4.5CM
Diameter of Base:3.7"/ 9.5CM
Weight:156 grams

XL Size

Total length:5.1" /13 CM
Usable Length:4.3"/ 11CM
Circumference of Knot:5.8"/ 14.7CM
Diameter of Head:2.4"/ 6.0CM
Diameter of Knot:2.0"/ 5CM
Diameter of Base:4.6"/ 10.8CM

XXL Size

Total length:6.1" /15.5 CM
Usable Length:5.3"/ 13.5CM
Circumference of Knot:6.8"/ 17.2CM
Diameter of Head:2.7"/ 7.0CM
Diameter of Knot:2.2"/ 5.7CM
Diameter of Base:4.9"/ 12.5CM


Total length:6.3" /16 CM
Usable Length:5.5"/ 14CM
Circumference of Knot:7.0"/ 18CM
Diameter of Head:2.9"/ 7.3CM
Diameter of Knot:2.3"/ 5.9CM
Diameter of Base:5.1"/ 13.1CM