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Size: S
Colour: Drunk Pink
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Area: Demon Orchard
MEO on the mainland of Nothosaur carry the heavy responsibility of crossing all things in the world, the soul of the past and the future.
Byrne is one of the nine sons of MEO.
It can control the rebirth and fading of all plants on the continent of Nothosaur, the blossoming, fading, and flourishing of flowers and leaves, all by a snap of Byrne's fingers.
All living beings praise his beauty but do not understand that it is blasphemy and a curse against the dragon. 
No living being should be defined by its appearance, especially a proud being like a dragon.
Dragon's life is too long; aging is too tedious for it, and it is running out of patience.
The delicate powder in his hand can also become a sharp and pointed weapon.
Byrne's mania makes the Demon Orchard set off a funeral of pink petals fluttering.
Making beauty can not become its beauty is a sin; the world can not escape its responsibility.
It is a sin to define beauty, it is a sin to cast a gaze at the beauty, and it is also a sin to try to get beauty.
Beauty makes people willing to be sinners. Thus, beauty conceals, destroys, and tries to escape itself.
Beauty is not sinful.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total Length:14CM/ 5.5"
Usable Length:12CM/ 4.7"
Diameter of Head:3.5CM/ 1.4"
Diameter of Shaft:3.2CM/ 1.3"
Diameter of Shaft-base:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Base:7.5CM/ 3.0"

M Size

Total Length:18.5CM/ 7.3"
Usable Length:15.5CM/ 6.1"
Diameter of Head:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Diameter of Shaft:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Shaft-base:5.0CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Base:10CM/ 3.9"

L Size

Total Length:22.5CM/ 8.9"
Usable Length:19CM/ 7.5"
Diameter of Head:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Diameter of Shaft:5.0CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Shaft-base:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Diameter of Base:12CM/ 4.7"