Dragon Egg Butt Plug - Huge Anal Toy - Silicone Anal Dilator - 3 Sizes of Anal Trainer

Prix de vente$39.99 USD

Size: S

Fantasy design: Zipper-alike teeth and a monster's nose, eyes, bucktooth, the ridges on the side and the dragon on top add texture and stimulation, covering this innovative monster anal butt plug for women and men.

100% Premium Silicone: This monster butt plug is soft while firm enough for easy insertion. This odorless monster butt plug won't cause any irritation nor skin allergy.

Perfect-sized for Beginners: 1.7 inches for the diameter, 3.4 inches for the length, and 3.6 ounces for the weight make this fantasy butt plug a perfect monster butt plug for beginners. Our flexible silicone anal sex toys can fulfill and touch the tunnel tight without irritation or pain

Bigger Suction Cup: This buttplug's suction base is bigger than the insertable part. This suction base can prevent the toy to be swallowed in. And the stone-alike base makes this butt plug more attractive.

Flexible and Ultra Soft: The plugs are nondeformable whether you pull or grab it hard for better anus expand, which helps you to reach the orgasm you desire.

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