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Size: MINI
Colour: High-tide Red
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During the Phoenix Nirvana War, the powerful chaos caused the nebula on the Nothosaur Mainland to collide and explode.
The constellations were born into the Nothosaur Mainland.
Cancer -- CRABOO is the fourth sign of the zodiac (June 21–July 21).
CRABOO Weapon: Claw Tide
CRABOO: Loyalty

CRABOO lives in the coastal area of ​​the Wind-Sing Valley.
It was a loyal and rambunctious sea prodigal. It uses the reef as its bed and the waves as its quilt.
Howling sea breeze is its favorite music.
Coral Jungle is its favorite supermarket.
People are often moved by its sincerity and loyal.
It will catch the freshest fish for its lover, collect the most beautiful shells and string them into wind chimes.
Its giant crab pliers show its strength that no one dares to violate. It is also a gentle dong for lovers.
When facing a lover, CRABOO claws become extremely soft. However, the shape is still full of power. The fixed finger is huge and sturdy. The back of the crab is like the reefs and corals on the deep sea. Although the movable finger is small, it can rub the testicles or clitoris when the fixed finger is pushed harder. The double ends stimulation is the craziest.

♋️Appearance Design:
CRABOO -- Cancer zodiac sign is the fourth sign of the zodiac (June 21–July 21).
Featuring two crab's pincers contoured shafts, angled specifically for double entry, the CRABOO positions a larger and much thicker shaft in front with a sleeker shaft in behind. It highly revivification the features of crabs. The fixed finger is covered with crab shell spininess, slightly thick in the middle. Its palms will rub violently against your sweet point.
Is This The End? NO. The movable finger will invade your other cave. Its inner side is also covered with small spininess and teases your most sensitive areas.
Every vein-detailed shaft reaches deep to massage your sweet spots with every thrust.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:12.5CM/ 4.9"
Usable Length:9CM/ 3.5" and 5CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Head:2CM/ 0.8" and 1.4CM/ 0.5"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft :3.5CM/ 1.4" and 2CM/ 0.8"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:10CM/ 3.9" and 6CM/ 2.4"
Diameter of Base:9CM/ 3.5"
Weight: 152 grams

XS Size

Total Length:14.5CM/ 5.7"
Usable Length:11CM/ 4.3" and 6CM/ 2.4"
Diameter of Head:2.3CM/ 0.9" and 1.6CM/ 0.6"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft :3.8CM/ 1.5" and 2.5CM/ 1.0"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:12.5CM/ 4.9" and 7.5CM/ 3.0"
Diameter of Base:10.5CM/ 4.1"
Weight: 265 grams

S Size

Total Length:16CM/ 6.3"
Usable Length:12CM/ 4.7" and 7CM/ 2.8"
Diameter of Head:2.6CM/1.0" and 2CM/ 0.8"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft :4.5CM/ 1.8" and 2.5CM/ 1.0"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:14CM/ 5.5" and 8CM/ 3.1"
Diameter of Base:11.5CM/ 4.5"
Weight: 358grams

M Size

Total Length:18CM/ 7.1"
Usable Length:14CM/ 5.5" and 8CM/ 3.1"
Diameter of Head:3CM/1.2" and 2CM/ 0.8"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft :5CM/ 2.0" and 3.5CM/ 1.4"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:16.5CM/ 6.5" and 9.5CM/ 3.7"
Diameter of Base:13.5CM/5.3"
Weight: 509grams

L Size

Total Length:21CM/ 8.3"
Usable Length:16.5CM/ 6.5" and 9CM/ 3.5"
Diameter of Head:3.5CM/1.4" and 2.5CM/1.0"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft :6.2CM/ 2.4" and 3.6CM/ 1.4"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:19CM/ 7.5" and 11.5CM/4.5"
Diameter of Base:16CM/6.3"
Weight: 906grams

XL Size

Total Length:25CM/ 9.8"
Usable Length:19CM/ 7.5" and 11CM/ 4.3"
Diameter of Head:4.5CM/1.8" and 3CM/1.2"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft :7.2CM/ 2.8" and 4CM/ 1.6"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:22CM/ 8.7" and 13.5CM/5.3"
Diameter of Base:19CM/7.5"
Weight: 1509grams