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Size: MINI
Colour: VRA RED
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Aera: Flame-Dance Volcano
In Nothosaur, there is a dragon named MEO, a dragon that travels between the natural world and the underground, carrying the burden of the soul's passage to the afterlife.
Death and Rebirth are coiled in its body, and the power of darkness and light is deposited in it.
Every inch of hair and armor on the dragon's body has a miraculous effect beyond the world.
Its blood can bring back the dead, its hair is strong enough to split a stone, its scales can withstand meteors, and its pale skin can enhance the power of any creature...

VRA is one of the nine sons of MEO.
Its controls the Nothosaur continent's "fire."
VRA is the most business-minded of MEO's children.
It used its ability of fire to promote "VRA BBQ" to the whole Nothosaur world!
(At this point, MEO smells the barbecued meat after the mission,
"That kid...")
VRA dragon claws, fresh meat is sliced up and the apprentice spilled the seasoning with a fireball!
The fiery dragon's breath floated and waved in the air, like dancing inside a delicious meal.

VRA BBQ gets many great reviews from customers.
When this guy gets excited, it dances lustfully. Then, it slowly strips off its clothes with a powerful rhythm and pace.
The flames keep dancing with VRA's powerful rhythm and pace. Its penis is swinging hard with full of power. The top part is the rough curved, pointed hook shape, functionally easy to enter while still catching everyone's eye. The middle part shows a slight curve, intensely increasing the stimulation. Finally, of course, the interlocking dragon's armor and tendons present the dragon's power in all its glory. There is also a pair of round and swollen dragon eggs at the bottom; you can feel full of its energy surging and ready to go.
The fireworks and VRA reflect each other, lively and lustful in the air.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used. Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:10cm/3.9"
Usable Length:8.5cm/3.3"
Circumference of Head:7.5cm/3.0"
Circumference of Knot :9.3cm/3.7"
Circumference of Base:14.5cm/5.7"
Diameter of Head:2.2cm/0.9"
Diameter of Knot:3.2cm/1.3"
Diameter of Base:4.6cm/1.8"

XS Size

Total Length:12.5cm/4.9"
Usable Length:10.8cm/4.3"
Circumference of Head:9.5cm/3.7"
Circumference of Knot :11.5cm/4.5"
Circumference of Base:18cm/7.1"
Diameter of Head:2.8cm/1.1"
Diameter of Knot:4.0cm/1.6"
Diameter of Base:5.7cm/2.2"

S Size

Total Length:16.5cm/6.5"
Usable Length:13.8cm/5.4"
Circumference of Head:12cm/4.7"
Circumference of Knot :15cm/5.9"
Circumference of Base:23.5cm/9.3"
Diameter of Head:3.6cm/1.4"
Diameter of Knot:5.0cm/2.0"
Diameter of Base:7.6cm/3.0"

M Size

Total Length:19.5cm/7.7"
Usable Length:16.5cm/6.5"
Circumference of Head:14.5cm/5.7"
Circumference of Knot :18.5cm/7.3"
Circumference of Base:29cm/11.4"
Diameter of Head:4.5cm/1.8"
Diameter of Knot:6.4cm/2.5"
Diameter of Base:9.3cm/3.7"

L Size

Total Length:23.5cm/9.3"
Usable Length:19.7cm/7.8"
Circumference of Head:17.3cm/6.8"
Circumference of Knot :22cm/8.7"
Circumference of Base:34.5cm/13.6"
Diameter of Head:5.3cm/2.1"
Diameter of Knot:7.5cm/3.0"
Diameter of Base:11.2cm/4.4"

XL Size

Total Length:26cm/10.2"
Usable Length:22cm/8.7“
Circumference of Head:20cm/7.9“
Circumference of Knot :25.5cm/10.0“
Circumference of Base:40cm/15.7"
Diameter of Head:6.0cm/2.4"
Diameter of Knot:8.8cm/3.5"
Diameter of Base:13cm/5.1"

XXL Size

Total Length:29.5cm/11.6”
Usable Length:25cm/9.8"
Circumference of Head:22.5cm/8.9"
Circumference of Knot :29cm/11.4“
Circumference of Base:45.5cm/17.9"
Diameter of Head:7.0cm/2.8"
Diameter of Knot:10cm/3.9"
Diameter of Base:14.5cm/5.7"