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In the world of Nothosaur, the coming-of-age ceremony was a highly anticipated event. It was a time for New age boys and girls to prove they were ready to become adults and to receive the knowledge they needed to lead fulfilling lives.
At the Demon Fruit Tree Garden, the New age adults would gather around the Tree of Adulthood and shout, "Oh Tree of Adulthood, I have reached maturity! Please bestow upon me fruits containing knowledge and love." The Tree of Adulthood would respond by causing the vine on its branches to slowly and deliberately envelop them.
The vine was adorned with large flowers and buds, and the flowers used petals to envelop the male genitalia and secrete nectar to lubricate each other. The male genitalia would ejaculate under the stimulation of the petals, while the buds teased the female labia. Once the vagina was moistened, the male genitalia was inserted, and the bud extended its slender pistil deep into the ovary to retrieve the eggs.The flowers and fruit that had received semen and eggs were then inserted into the young people's anus, where the fruit would mature. This was known as the fruit of enlightenment, and upon dissolution within the adults, it would impart knowledge of sexual intercourse, including all positions and techniques.
These newly-enlightened adults would go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives in the world of Nothosaur, using the knowledge they had gained to form meaningful relationships and start families of their own.
The coming-of-age ceremony was a rite of passage, a celebration of adulthood, and a time for New age people to learn about the joys of sexual intimacy. It was a cherished tradition in the world of Nothosaur, and one that would continue to be celebrated for generations to come.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

One Size

Total Length:7.5CM/ 2.9"
Diameter of Head:2.7CM/ 1.0"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:3.5CM/ 1.4"