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A Guide to Firmness Options

TLDR: We generally recommend starting with Firm for smaller toys, and Medium or Soft for larger toys.

Juliet & Martin's toy store offers a variety of different toy models in different firmnesses (or hardnesses) to accommodate a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Trying to decide what firmness is best can be a little overwhelming, so here’s a rundown with general information about the firmness options we have!
We offer Soft, Medium, and Firm as solid firmness options on our dildos. Choosing one of these options means that the entire toy will be cast in a single uniform firmness.

"Soft" (5 hardness) is the most yielding hardness level of the Juliet & Martin's toy store. It compresses and bends easily, and it is difficult for a slender shaft toys of this hardness to stay upright.

"Medium" (7 hardness) is more difficult to compress than 5 hardness. Toys at this hardness do not bend as much, most models are more stable than the soft ones, but some top-heavy models still struggle to stand.

"Hard" (9 hardness) is the hardest hardness level of Juliet & Martin's toy store, and the toys of 9 hardness are the most difficult to compress. It springs back to its original shape very quickly when released.

The larger the size of the toy, the harder it is to show its hardness. A tiny toy will always feel softer than a larger one for the same hardness. Vice versa, the smaller the size of the toy, the softer it will feel.

We aren’t able to create toys with hardness splits in odd locations (like the head of a toy being Soft, the shaft being Hard, and the base being Medium) due to manufacturing limitations. We also aren’t able to “gradient” or transition from one hardness to another (a Soft shaft transitioning gradually to a Hard base), or “core” toys with a Soft outer layer and Hard inner core.

A good rule of thumb for selecting firmness is to look at proportions of toys if you are interested in them standing on their own. Models that have a very slender shaft or a large amount of space behind the knot usually will not stand on their own regardless of firmness.

One last tip is that the varying thickness on some toy models can make the firmness seem irregular. When you have less silicone in an area, it will always feel softer than an area that's very thick or dense.

At the end of the day, what firmness will work best for you is very much a personal decision. Customer Service can’t advise as to which firmness is best, but you can always contact us if you have other general questions about our firmness options!

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