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Material Description

All of our toys are made out of 100% platinum silicone!

Easy to clean! Our material is quite stable. It can handle quite high temperatures, you could even wash it in hot water if you wanted to sterilise it. You can also wash them with soap and water. This means that the surface doesn’t have hiding places for things like bacteria!

Silicone is strong and flexible, so you can use it without any worry about splits or tears. But silicone doesn't like to be bitten or cut by sharp things, and does not react well to abrasion with rough surfaces. Please do not take a sharp implement to it!

Finally silicone is incompatible with silicone-based lubes. We recommend that you do not allow silicone lube to come in contact with your toys. We prefer water-based lubes.

You can view our most recent testing results here.

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