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How to Put On a Chastity Cage

How to Put On a Chastity Cage

If you're interested in trying male chastity, here's a detailed guide on how to put on a chastity cage:

  1. Prepare Yourself Physically and Mentally
    Before putting on the chastity cage, shave the genital area. Doing this in the shower can make it easier. Ensure you remove hair from the scrotum, pubic area, and surrounding regions, so the area is smooth. This makes wearing the cock cage more comfortable.

  2. Use Lubricant
    Apply some lubricant to the skin where the chastity cage will make contact. This helps ease the process of putting on the penis cage.

  3. Put on the Base Ring
    Choose the right ring size for your male chastity cage. Start by pushing as much scrotal skin as possible through the ring, then gently maneuver one testicle through the ring. Repeat this for the other testicle. At this point, the penis should slide through the ring easily, allowing the ring to be supported by the testicles and penis.

  4. Put on the Chastity Cage
    Take the cage part of the device and slide the penis into it as much as possible, head first. Push the penis further into the cage. Be careful not to pinch the skin and gently align the cage with the base ring. You can apply additional lubricant to any missed areas to prevent chafing.

  5. Lock the Chastity Cage
    Using a Key Lock: Insert the lock core into the locking mechanism, securing the cage to the ring. Turn the key to lock the cock cage, then remove the key. Keep the key in a safe place to avoid losing it.
    Using a Coding Lock: Insert the lock core into the corresponding position. Bend the plug inward for better insertion. Insert the numbered lock plug and then lock the cage. To remove the cage, simply cut the coding lock.
    Congratulations! You are now securely locked in a male chastity cage. Take your time to adjust to the physical sensation and the psychological shift of having your cock locked. Enjoy the unique experience and the journey of male chastity.

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