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Size: S
Colour: Blue & Purple


Area: Demon Orchard
NICOS is the offspring of the Queen of Nightmare Dog in the Demon Orchard.
It grew up in this fruitful and beautiful land. Carefree and Relaxing.
NICOS is a mischievous and cunning person who likes to tease others, obviously did not inherit the cool temperament of his mother, the Queen of Nightmare Dogs.
But its body flowing from its mother's magic dog bloodline so that he has a killer skill [Knot lock].
The travelers who came to the Demon Orchard, if you are not mentally prepared, you have to be careful to avoid the slightly glowing field of corn poppy.
It can be a bit of a problem to be stalked by NICOS, who is just in heat as a young man.
The flower field will send out refreshing and hallucinogenic pheromones. While the traveler is mesmerized, NICOS's weapon in the shadows becomes even harder and more erect.
The rounded head of the penis is full of blood, and the tiny protrusion at the tip is looking for a pussy to penetrate.
After successful fulfil insertion. From the middle down are two of NICOS's best and most exciting knots.
The moment of the knot is inserted you will know what is exciting.
The back and forth thrusts and the back and forth gulping of the knot will also let you know what orgasm is.
If you are pounced, then I can only advise you not to resist, just enjoy it.

Appearance design:
Canine design - a strong, comfortable shape. But all ends in a thick, smooth dog knot for that extra challenge.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Head diameter: 1.5 inches
Middle diameter: 1.5 inches
Diameter of the tail:2.2 inches
Diameter of the base: 3.1inches
Full length: 7.9 inches
Insertable length: 5.9inches
Weight:250 grams

M Size

Head diameter: 1.7 inches
Middle diameter: 1.8 inches
Diameter of the tail:2.6 inches
Diameter of the base: 3.7inches
Full length: 9.1 inches
Insertable length: 7.4inches
Weight:395 grams

L Size

Head diameter: 2.0 inches
Middle diameter: 2.0 inches
Diameter of the tail:2.9 inches
Diameter of the base: 4.1inches
Full length: 10.2 inches
Insertable length: 8.6inches
Weight:620 grams

XL Size

Head diameter: 2.3 inches
Middle diameter: 2.4 inches
Diameter of the tail:3.3 inches
Diameter of the base: 4.7inches
Full length: 11.4 inches
Insertable length: 9.8inches
Weight:915 grams