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Size: MINI
Colour: Spring
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FAXI is one of the nine sons of MEO.
It is the Son Of God born on the slope of the poppy mountain by the MEO and the Queen of Nightmare Dog.
It possesses the ability to control the changing seasons of the Nothosaur Mainland.

You can discover the intrigue of FAXI's parents by his huge and magnificent penis.
The rounded bulbous knot is from its mother -- Queen of Nightmare Dog. The canine's unique knot will catch you tightly during sex, making your partner intoxicated and ecstatic, and the orgasm one after another.
The delicate, dragon-scale-like armor came from its father -- MEO. The highly aggressive trapezoidal glans and strong muscles show up the power of the dragon.
Coupled with FAXI's own ability to control the seasons, the color temperature of its appearance changes according to the seasons.
FAXI is the famous son of the goddess of the Nothosaur Mainland. Everyone will be crazy about him. Everyone praised it for its gentleness and romance.

Spring: Is the time of rebirth. Budding plants, and trees, bringing color and beauty to lift hearts. 
Summer: Is a time of relaxation. The heat brings a feeling of languidness.
Autumn: Fall brings an end to Summer. The flowers have faded, but for a few short weeks autumn brightens with its riotous color as the leaves turn from green to gold, orange, and red. 
Winter: Snowflakes fall creating a pristine purity

FAXI, such a gentle Son of God, Do you like it?

Appearance Design:
Start with the pronounced, flared tip, shivering with excitement as you grind deeper into the rubbing of its armor. Just when you thought it was the end, FAXI will give you another shiver with a thick bulbous knot, and you can't help but howl after you've completed this challenge. You'll be fascinated by FAXI's most exciting features.

FAXI is Dragon and canine rolled into one. is perfect for intermediate players. It is mesmerizing on its own, designed to hit every sweet spot. Nothosaur's original feature -- suction cup will also bring a new dimension to this unforgettable experience.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total length:4.5"/ 11.5CM
Usable Length:3.5"/ 9.0CM
Circumference of Head :3.1"/ 8.0CM
Circumference of Knot:4.1" / 10.3CM
Circumference of Base:6.9" /17.5CM
Diameter of Head:0.9" /2.4CM
Diameter of Knot:1.2"/3.0CM
Diameter of Base:1.9" /4.8CM
Weight: 83g

XS Size

Total length:5.7"/ 14.5CM
Usable Length:4.7"/ 12CM
Circumference of Head :3.9"/ 10CM
Circumference of Knot:5.2" / 13.3CM
Circumference of Base:8.5" /21.5CM
Diameter of Head:1.2" /3.0CM
Diameter of Knot:1.6"/4.0CM
Diameter of Base:2.4" /6.2CM
Weight: 176g 

S Size

Total length:6.9"/ 17.5CM
Usable Length:5.9"/ 15CM
Circumference of Head :4.9"/ 12.5CM
Circumference of Knot:6.5" / 16.5CM
Circumference of Base:10.4" / 26.5CM
Diameter of Head:1.4" / 3.6CM
Diameter ofKnot:1.9"/ 4.9CM
Diameter of Base:3.0" / 7.5CM
Weight: 332.5g

M Size

Total length:8.3"/ 21CM
Usable Length :6.9"/ 17.5CM
Circumference of Head :5.8"/ 14.8CM
Circumference of Knot:7.6" / 19.3CM
Circumference of Base:12.6" / 32CM
Diameter of Head:1.7" / 4.2CM
Diameter of Knot:2.3"/ 5.9CM
Diameter of Base:3.4" / 8.7CM
Weight: 533g

L Size

Total length:9.4"/ 24CM
Usable Length :7.9"/ 20CM
Circumference of Head :6.7"/ 17CM
Circumference of Knot:8.9" / 22.5CM
Circumference of Base:14.4" / 36.5CM
Diameter of Head:1.9" / 4.9CM
Diameter of Knot:2.7"/ 6.8CM
Diameter of Base:3.8" / 9.6CM
Weight: 810.5g

XL Size

Total length:11.0"/ 28CM
Usable Length:9.1"/ 23CM
Circumference of Head :7.6"/ 19.3CM
Circumference of Knot:10.0" / 25.5CM
Circumference of Base:16.3" / 41.5CM
Diameter of Head:2.2" / 5.5CM
Diameter of Knot:3.0"/ 7.7CM
Diameter of Base:4.3" / 10.9CM
Weight: 1190g