SWISOK-Magga with Cum Tube

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Size: M
Colour: Amethyst
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Magga with Cum Tube - Horse dildo

The new upgrade! Magga with Cum Tube! Join Magga for a new squirting adventure! Experience the thrilling ejaculation journey together!

Long and thin toys are more likely to bend when they are in soft firmness. If you do not like that, please choose medium or hard firmness when purchasing.

On the basis of the original design, add a cum tube to get the ejaculation experience. The cum tube of our ejaculation product is non-removable so don't worry about coming off easily. All ejaculation products include a complimentary syringe to help you for play sessions and cum tube clean.

Nautical World Name: Mysterious Guardian- Magga
Nautical Map Point: Godhorse's Garden

Legend has it that deep within Godhorse's Garden, a mythical creature known as Godhorse Phantom, a blend of canine and equine, guards an immense treasure. But Nemea knew there was more than one guardian in these waters.

When Nemea's ship encountered a raging storm near the garden he was swallowed by the sea. As he awoke, the echo of hooves and flickering ghostly flames surrounded him. It was another protector who emerged—Magga. Nemea's gaze fixated on Magga's impressively long penis!

Magga's phallus boasts a uniquely flared head, reminiscent of a raised heart, swiftly expanding within their partner, providing an intense and pleasurable sensation. The sinuous muscles offer a moment of adaptation before the arrival of two substantial knots, delivering an even more gratifying stretch. Magga's secret to be so powerful lies in these two perfectly formed knots, relentlessly stimulating their partner until reaching the pinnacle of ecstasy!

Nemea was enthralled by Magga's grandeur and the allure, unable to resist the mysterious and provocative temptation. Magga, too, was drawn to the exhilaration of navigating uncharted waters. Together, they embarked on SWISOK's legendary journeys, braving tempestuous seas, earning their place as revered legends in the hearts of countless sailors and adventurers.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

M Size

Total Length:23.5CM/ 9.3"
Usable Length:19.7CM/ 7.7"
Head Circumference:12CM/ 4.7"
Thickest Circum - ference of Shaft:15.3CM/ 6.0"
Circumference of Chassis:26CM/ 10.2"
Head diameter:4.1CM/ 1.6"
Thickest Shaft Diameter:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Chassis diameter:7.5CM/ 2.9"

L Size

Total Length:28.3CM/ 11.1"
Usable Length:23.5CM/ 9.3"
Head Circumference:14.3CM/ 5.6"
Thickest Circum - ference of Shaft:18CM/ 7.1"
Circumference of Chassis:31.5CM/ 12.4"
Head diameter:5.0CM/ 1.9"
Thickest Shaft Diameter:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Chassis diameter:9.0CM/ 3.5"

XL Size

Total Length:32CM/ 12.6"
Usable Length:27.5CM/ 10.8"
Head Circumference:16.5CM/ 6.5"
Thickest Circum - ference of Shaft:21CM/ 8.3"
Circumference of Chassis:36CM/ 14.1"
Head diameter:5.7CM/ 2.2"
Thickest Shaft Diameter:7.5CM/ 2.9"
Chassis diameter:10.5CM/ 4.1"

XXL Size

Total Length:36.7CM/ 14.4"
Usable Length:31CM/ 12.2"
Head Circumference:19CM/ 7.5"
Thickest Circum - ference of Shaft:24CM/ 9.4"
Circumference of Chassis:42CM/ 16.5"
Head diameter:6.7CM/ 2.6"
Thickest Shaft Diameter:8.5CM/ 3.3"
Chassis diameter:11.8CM/ 4.6"