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Urethral abuse

Put the product slowly into the urethral orifice. During the process of putting the product into the urethral orifice, there will be certain friction with the internal skin, and gradually produce pleasure. Urethral rod unique shape design, surface slightly concave texture extends from the head to the tail, which causes the friction force to produce different changes. The thickness of the whole urethra rod is different, from the thinest head slowly thickened, so the sense of abuse is gradually increased from small to large. Stimulation of the urethral orifice can also be used to extend the duration of exercise and happy moments.

Each urethral rod has the same size, with a head diameter of 0.5cm, a middle diameter of 0.75cm, and a tail diameter of 0.9cm. The total length is about 32cm, and the insertion length is about 24cm. Weighs about 26g. Waterproof and lightweight, it can be easily carried to any occasion.

1. This is a urethral plug, not an anal plug. Please confirm the products and sizes suitable for your own use before purchasing.
2. Please use with lubricant to avoid skin damage.
3. Please use within the range you can bear, so as not to harm your body by overuse.