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Size: S
Colour: Red & Blue
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Area: Wind-Sing Valley
In addition to having the powerful dragon bloodline of the plesiosaur, it also carries the bloodline of the elves.
It has the ability to control the clouds, rain, and lightning in the Nothosaur Mainland.

Perhaps because of its elven blood, the OPALEYE is the most beautiful and elegant of all dragons.
Its pearl-like scales are iridescent, shining, and colorful.
There are often gorgeous rainbows in the valley. That is its favorite little magic when "playing" with small prey, rainbows, and scratching moans, would be a good match.

The gentlemanly OPALEYE is usually not aggressive unless it is "hungry".
The OPALEYE likes to watch the Nothosaur Mainland from above the clouds, looking for its little prey.
It prefers the romantic eastern regions to the wilder, rawer western desert volcanic areas. It prefers the romantic eastern region, where there are orcs of similar temperament to its.
It often disguises itself as a gray fossil egg to tease those it is interested in, and then gives them a memorable "encounter" when it reveals its true form.
In addition to its handsome appearance is unforgettable, the most memorable is its ingenious penis.
It was a "divine instrument" that emitted a holy light of white & gold. The divine instrument is covered with intricate dragon markings raised, symmetrical as a marble relief. The head with a row of rounded bumps, as if to penetrate the heavens like a glimpse of the mysteries of heaven, is holy but can emit an immeasurable power.

OPALEYE is a fire dragon from Nothosaur Mainland. It was the most beautiful of all, it had wet skin and scales iridescent golden in the sunlight. Because it has no pupils, it is named OPALEYE. OPALEYE has a docile temperament, but when disturbed, the dragon will ruffle up its spine, leap up to the sky, and spew bright flames. Will "you" who accidentally fell into the Nothosaur world have a story with it?

Unique Design:
Opaleye's head is nicely tapered and the rim is transitioned by raised dragon scales, and you can feel his enthusiasm the moment he enter.The middle texture of Opaleye is very delicate, like a beautiful carving art. The whiskers on the belly extend to the bottom, and every inch makes for a fantastic ride. The raised spine of the dragon is hard and straight, so that you can feel the stimulation of friction when entering and exiting.


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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total Length:13CM/ 5.1"
Usable Length:11CM/ 4.3"
Head Diameter:2.3CM/ 0.9"
Middle Diameter:3.5CM/ 1.4"
Tail Diameter:3.5CM/ 1.4"
Chassis Diameter:5.0CM/ 2.0"
Head Circumference:9CM/ 3.5"
Thickest Circumference:11CM/ 4.3"

M Size

Total Length:17CM/ 6.6"
Usable Length:14CM/ 5.5"
Head Diameter:3.0CM/ 1.2"
Middle Diameter:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Tail Diameter:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Chassis Diameter:7.0CM/ 2.8"
Head Circumference:11CM/4.3"
Thickest Circumference:15CM/ 5.9"

L Size

Total Length:21CM/ 8.3"
Usable Length:17CM/ 6.7"
Head Diameter:3.7CM/ 1.5"
Middle Diameter:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Tail Diameter:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Chassis Diameter:8.5CM/3.3"
Head Circumference:13CM/5.1"
Thickest Circumference:18CM/ 7.1"

XL Size

Total Length:24CM/ 9.4"
Usable Length:21CM/ 8.2"
Head Diameter:4.3CM/ 1.7"
Middle Diameter:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Tail Diameter:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Chassis Diameter:10CM/4.0"
Head Circumference:16CM/6.3"
Thickest Circumference:21CM/ 8.3"

XXL Size

Total Length:28CM/ 11"
Usable Length:25CM/ 10"
Head Diameter:5.3CM/ 2.1"
Middle Diameter:7.5CM/ 3.0"
Tail Diameter:7.5CM/ 3.0"
Chassis Diameter:12CM/4.7"
Head Circumference:18CM/7.1"
Thickest Circumference:24CM/ 9.4"