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Size: MINI
Colour: Rust Red
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Area: Daimon Castle
Legend has it that the Orks, like Mephisto, were the fallen gods of the Nothosaur Mainland. They were punished for their treachery, and were deported to the Daimon Castle of the eastern after having their penises pierced so that they could lose their ability to reproduce, and having their piercings pinned.
Since then, the only option for the race to reproduce is to split the body, but even then the newborn can not change the genetic piercing.
It is a bear beast, but it is also a half-demon who loves to torture people.
Everyone who heard you were coming to look for it tried to dissuade you:
"Oak is a demon who has no feelings and likes to torture people, look at the chain choker on its penis! That's proof."
"It will put chains on you to bind you, and if you do not obey, then it will drive the nails into your body! Get pleasure through your screams."
"I heard that the divine punishment was a piercing that deprived their community of the ability to reproduce, and because of this piercing, they had no shame.
Even handcuffed themselves in public, even laughing, a circle of raised round pegs at the base of the penis is the sinful anklet, yuck, disgusting!"
....... can't feel its beauty until you actually see it, face to face with Oak.
The base of the "weapon" between its two hips retains the soft fur of the bear beast, extending upward to the dense veins, and the arrangement of regular spherical nails.
There is also a regular arrangement of spherical nails, the whole shape like a scimitar with a murderous aura.
It is coming toward you, the two crotch "weapons" gathered your eyes, spherical piercing looks very eye-catching.
You don't know what you'll be subjected to, but it's not unbearable to be invaded by such an aesthetically pleasing weapon or tortured by the chains it makes.

Appearance description:
Introducing one of our half-demon friends. Its head has a piercing ring symbolizing punishment that rubs its way into your body. You can feel its rage from the very beginning.
Oak has a pronounced belly ridge and fleshy bumps for texture and sensation when rubbed, and a highly detailed mane that surrounds the base for a visually pleasing experience.
More detail and texture on the shaft means this big guy can keep you excited from head to base.
See if you can tame this guy yourself!


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:12CM/ 4.7"
Usable Length:11CM/ 4.3"
Diameter of Head:2.5CM/ 1.0"
Diameter of Shaft :3.2CM/ 1.3"
Diameter of Shaft-base:3.0CM/ 1.2"
Diameter of Base:7.0CM/ 2.8"
Weight: 115g

S Size

Total Length:14.5CM/ 5.5"
Usable Length:12.5CM/ 4.9"
Diameter of Head:3.0CM/ 1.2"
Diameter of Shaft :3.7CM/ 1.5"
Diameter of Shaft-base:3.5CM/ 1.4"
Diameter of Base:8.0CM/ 3.1"
Weight: 190g

M Size

Total Length:17.5CM/ 6.9"
Usable Length:15.5CM/ 6.1"
Diameter of Head:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Shaft :5.0CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Shaft-base:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Diameter of Base:9.5CM/ 3.7"
Weight: 360g

L Size

Total Length:21CM/ 8.3"
Usable Length:18CM/ 7.1"
Diameter of Head:5.0CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Shaft :5.7CM/ 2.2"
Diameter of Shaft-base:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Diameter of Base:12CM/ 4.7"
Weight: 620g

XL Size

Total Length:24CM/ 9.4"
Usable Length:20.5CM/ 8.1"
Diameter of Head:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Diameter of Shaft :6.7CM/ 2.6"
Diameter of Shaft-base:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Diameter of Base:13.5CM/ 5.3"
Weight: 985g

XXL Size

Total Length:27.5CM/ 10.8"
Usable Length:23.5CM/ 9.3"
Diameter of Head:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Diameter of Shaft :7.7CM/ 3.0"
Diameter of Shaft-base:7.5CM/ 3.0"
Diameter of Base:16CM/ 6.3"
Weight: 1480g


Total Length:32.0CM/ 12.5"
Usable Length:27.0CM/ 10.6"
Diameter of Head:7.5CM/ 3.0"
Diameter of Shaft :9.7CM/ 3.8"
Diameter of Shaft-base:9.5CM/ 3.7"
Diameter of Base:20CM/ 7.9"
Weight: 2489g