Nothosaur - MOOM

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Size: MINI
Colour: Streaming VioletBlue
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Area: Howling Jungle
Nothosaur Oriental visionary masterpiece, a book named "Classic of Mountains and Seas".
Beasts were born and scattered all over the Nothosaur Mainland.
MOOM is one of these exotic creatures that live in the giant trees in the Howling Jungle.
Inside the seemingly ordinary and damp trees is their excellent and flourishing world of MOOM little people!
They take the dew on the leaves for water and pick up the fallen pine cones and fruits for storage. The vines and leaves are a playground they enjoy.
MOOM loves to go to Famario's library on warm sunny afternoons and gather around to listen to poems and stories.
Their heads are round and cute, like a small round hat. The middle part is intertwined with vines. The love symbol in the lower middle is the badge of MOOM's lustful nature.
The base has sharp thorns from the earth, which are weapons to defend against insects in the forest. Legend has it that if you have sex with a MOOM, you will receive the blessing of the forest.
You will be protected from insect bites for a lifetime and can instantly know the names of everything in the Howling Jungle. Would you perhaps like to meet a MOOM?

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:11CM/ 4.3"
Usable Length:9.5CM/ 3.7"
Diameter of Head :2.7CM/1.0"
Diameter of Shaft :3CM/ 1.1"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:3.5CM/1.3"
Diameter of Base :5.3CM/ 2.0"
Circumference of Head :8CM/ 3.1"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:11.5CM/ 4.5"
Circumference of Base:16.5CM/ 6.4"
Weight: 75g

S Size

Total Length:13CM/ 5.1"
Usable Length:11CM/ 4.3"
Diameter of Head :3.3CM/1.3"
Diameter of Shaft :3.5CM/ 1.3"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:4.5CM/1.7"
Diameter of Base :6.5CM/ 2.5"
Circumference of Head :10CM/ 3.9"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:14CM/ 5.5"
Circumference of Base:20CM/ 7.8"
Weight: 135g

M Size

Total Length:15CM/ 5.9"
Usable Length:13CM/ 5.1"
Diameter of Head :3.9CM/1.5"
Diameter of Shaft :4.2CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:5CM/1.9"
Diameter of Base :7.5CM/ 2.9"
Circumference of Head :11.5CM/ 4.5"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:16.5CM/ 6.4"
Circumference of Base:23.5CM/ 9.2"
Weight: 220g

L Size

Total Length:19CM/ 7.4"
Usable Length:16CM/ 6.2"
Diameter of Head :4.9CM/1.9"
Diameter of Shaft :5.3CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:6.5CM/2.5"
Diameter of Base :9.5CM/ 3.7"
Circumference of Head :14.5CM/ 5.7"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:20CM/ 7.8"
Circumference of Base:29.6CM/ 11.6"
Weight: 435g

XL Size

Total Length:23CM/ 9.0"
Usable Length:19.5CM/ 7.6"
Diameter of Head :5.9CM/2.3"
Diameter of Shaft :6.3CM/ 2.4"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:7.5CM/2.9"
Diameter of Base :11.5CM/ 4.5"
Circumference of Head :17.5CM/ 6.8"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:25CM/ 9.8"
Circumference of Base:36CM/ 14.1"
Weight: 760g