Nothosaur-AUDREY II

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Size: S
Colour: Rainforest green
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1. The ratio of water to gelatin powder is 4:1;
2. Add hot water above 90 degrees and stir evenly;
3. Pour the melted gelatin into the syringe, and slowly spray the needle into an egg shape to avoid foaming;
4. Then carefully put the egg mold in the refrigerator to freeze for 30 minutes or refrigerate for 3 hours;
5. Please note that the edge is easy to crack when opened, so it can be soaked in warm water when taking it out;
6. During use, add the proper amount of lubricating oil to the egg and ovipositor;
7. Use the booster to push the egg into the ovipositor.

Note when purchasing:
Note: Due to the characteristics of the toy; AUDREY II can customize Solid color and Covered color.

Area: Howling Jungle
AUDREYⅡ is in Howling Jungle, but also the Nothosaur Mainland is famous for its cannibalistic flower beauty.
Under the beautiful appearance is this beauty's cunning and scheming.

The Howling Jungle is often visited by misguided travelers or adventurous explorers.
They often hear the woman's crisp laughter in the quiet forest... If you follow the sound, you will find a delicate woman playing among the plants.
Her eyes are full of innocence, and gauze-like clothing seems to be there, can not hide her body perfectly.
Just when you are still wondering how such a woman can appear in this dangerous forest and want to lend a helping hand, you have fallen into her trap inside it.
AUDREYⅡ slowly stretched up, her charming body is connected to the huge flower-shaped plants, and surrounded by the vine are her flexible limbs.
A 5-meter radius of plants is her net, so she can easily play with these lovely prey.
Her vines are thick and full of irresistible power. The numerous irregular protrusions on the vines bind you while subtly massaging sensitive areas.
"Don't be afraid... It's going to be very comfortable."
As AUDREYⅡ finishes her words of teasing her prey, with a look of impatience, she dips the vine into the slime and probes your flesh hole.
It was a remarkable sensation from the plant, and the friction of the vine kept exciting the inner muscles of the pussy.
Frantic thrusts, gradually entering the climax of the time. A wonderful feeling of fullness sweeps over you! It was still being filled!
That's it! AUDREYⅡ's reproduction method - parasitism and egg laying!
Between the constant feeling of fullness and thrusting through the eggs laying from inside vines, the orgasm hits!
Before you know it, the cunning Audrey II retracts her vines, and the flower-like three-petal opening of the vines is still stained with warm lustful fluids as it is withdrawn from her fleshy pussy.
She had gotten her way!

When you leave, the cannibalistic flower eggs in your flesh hole are leaving with you. Audrey II's desire to reproduce and expand, is really "charming".