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Size: MINI
Colour: Gladiator Gold
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Area: Ender Mechacity
During the Phoenix Nirvana War, the powerful magical chaos caused a nebula at the edge of the Nothosaur Mainland to collide and explode.
As a result, twelve constellations were born and landed on the Nothosaur Mainland.
The second sign of the zodiac - Taurus is one of them.
Taurus: April 20 - May 20
Taurus characteristics: Wealth, Maturity, Stability

After descending into the Nothosaur Mainland, Taurus chose a really different career.
A sexual gladiator who flaunts his lust in the Colosseum.
With thousands of calls and praises, flowers, and coins that affirm his charm, he also radiates the light and pride of a former star in this free and wild world.
In the countless lights and love, with the locking ring, and feet on the gold coins, Taurus is playing.
His killer weapon -- a giant penis. When the coronal head is revealed, there are full of exclamations.
Taurus's huge crowned head has a primitive roughness, and with multiple piercings, it can be extremely exciting to feel even if it is just rubbed on the outside.
The central part of the body is extremely intricate and has exquisite design, a glimpse of Taurus' nobility and glory as a gladiator.
The design of the outer armor is the locking ring, the piercing ring, and the convex point. It not only greatly enhances the visual beauty of Taurus, but also brings layers of stimulation to the feeling.
The base image of vivid bull horns bull head image, even can feel his raging momentum.
He scattered gold coins, which are his tired fruit in the Colosseum.
Taurus enjoys everything a sexual gladiator brings. He also wants you to enjoy everything he brings to you.
His bulging muscles and burgeoning meridians made everyone salivate.
Groans of satisfaction echoed through the climactic Colosseum as cum erupted.

“Please join us for this great show.”

♉️The desire for wealth and sex is often similar. TAURUS is a money-loving sign that flaunts wealth even when it comes to sex.

The huge coronal head has a primitive rough feeling, and with the support of multiple piercing rings, it can also have a very high degree of stimulation even if it is just rubbing outside.

When you look at it, you may think it is rude enough. However, due to its obsession with wealth, The TAURUS chooses to decorate itself with gold and jewelry, which instead binds itself up, so this is only the general condition. But only this has made the vast majority of his people can not stop it has been difficult to taste all of it. The whole stem is a reference to the muscular feel of the Belgian blue ox.
The design uses a lot of bulging muscles and soaring meridians to reflect the TAURUS sense of strength. In order to show TAURUS as a symbol of wealth, the design is similar to jewelry gold bracelet lock ring as decoration, on the one hand through the plural lock ring (including the head of the piercing ring) to add a richer texture (in the setting is pure gold ring set with gems).

We are strongly not recommended for beginners, as the wild and fiery nature of TAURUS can wreak havoc on your youthful flesh. But if you're a TAURUS fanatic, you can try swallowing the whole thing. The tubercle at the bottom will make it hard to separate from you, letting the exaggerated crown and wild roots go wild into you. Trust me, keep it that way, and even a gentle shake will give you the ultimate pleasure of swimming through the vastness of the stars.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total length:5.1" / 13CM
Insertable length:4.3" / 11CM
Head circumference:3.9" / 10CM
Thickest Circum ference of shaft:4.7 " / 12CM
Circumference of Base:7.5" /19CM
Head Diameter:1.3" /3.3CM
Thickest shaft Diameter:1.6" / 4.0CM
Chassis Diameter:2.4" / 6.2CM

S Size

Total length:6.7" / 17CM
Insertable length:5.5" / 14CM
Head circumference:4.7" / 12CM
Thickest Circum ference of shaft:5.9 " / 15CM
Circumference of Base:9.4" /24CM
Head Diameter:1.6" /4.1CM
Thickest shaft Diameter:1.9" / 4.9CM
Chassis Diameter:3.0" / 7.7CM

M Size

Total length:7.9" / 20CM
Insertable length:6.3" / 16CM
Head circumference:5.9" / 15CM
Thickest Circum ference of shaft:7.1 " / 18CM
Circumference of Base:11" /29CM
Head Diameter:1.9" /4.9CM
Thickest shaft Diameter:2.3" / 5.9CM
Chassis Diameter:3.6" / 9.3CM

L Size

Total length:9.0" / 23CM
Insertable length:7.5" / 19CM
Head circumference:7.1" / 18CM
Thickest Circum ference of shaft:8.6 " / 22CM
Circumference of Base:13.3" /34CM
Head Diameter:2.2" /5.7CM
Thickest shaft Diameter:2.7" / 6.9CM
Chassis Diameter:4.2" / 10.8CM

XL Size

Total length:10.6" / 27CM
Insertable length:8.4" / 21.5CM
Head circumference:7.9" / 20CM
Thickest Circum ference of shaft:9.4 " / 24CM
Circumference of Base:15" /39CM
Head Diameter:2.6" /6.6CM
Thickest shaft Diameter:3.1" /7.9CM
Chassis Diameter:4.8" / 12.3CM

XXL Size

Total length:11.8" / 30CM
Insertable length:9.6" / 24.5CM
Head circumference:9.0" / 23CM
Thickest Circum ference of shaft:10.6 " / 27CM
Circumference of Base:16.9" /43CM
Head Diameter:2.9" /7.4CM
Thickest shaft Diameter:3.5" / 8.9CM
Chassis Diameter:5.5" / 14CM