Size: MINI
Colour: Red and black gradient
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Area: Brooke Grassland
Trick: Bead rolling
Ethnicity: Orcs
CONOLA is a hot-blooded, strong horse that gallops across the Brooke Grassland.
It loves to run and does not like to be stuck in one place. It is a thunderbolt and goes when it says it will.
When it's hot, it runs to the permafrost ice field to eat ice cream.
At night to date with the TWINS, it ran to the devil's orchard to steal flowers.
When it was boring, it went to the volcano and played guessing with YANSVN.
(A vermillion necklace tied around its neck is once a frost guessing after losing to take the aura of the phoenix karst made)
Wanting to play with humans, it ran to Stonehenge to secretly ambush the humans who "welcome" the first arrivals...

This hot-blooded proud horse is straight, even its penis is also so "straight".
The head of the penis is as big as a flower, surrounded by a special circle formed by the aura of the vermilion necklace.
It gives the greatest stimulation directly at the very beginning of penetration into the partner's body!
In addition to the unique ring, the central horse and the veins are swollen by hot blood, and his large thick penis is smooth and thick without elaborate decoration.
The long drive was straightforward and simple, but super satisfying.

"What are you waiting for? Come up" and let's go with CONOLA!

Appearance Design:
CONOLA is a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced users. A flared head brings you some kind of difficulty from the start. Once inside, you must be amazed by its impressive girth and length. As you go deeper, you will notice the veins and lifelike texture of the CONOLA; breakthrough its medial ring and experience a gentle but wild ride.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:13.5CM/ 5.3"
Usable Length:11.5CM/ 4.5"
Circumference of Head:9CM/ 3.5"
Circumference of Medial Ring:8CM/ 3.1"
Circumference of Base:16CM/6.3"
Diameter of Head:2.9CM/ 1.1"
Diameter of Medial Ring:2.6CM/1.0"
Diameter of Base:5.2CM/ 2.0"
Weight: 80g

S Size

Total Length:20.5CM/ 8.1"
Usable Length:18CM/ 7.1"
Circumference of Head:13.5CM/ 5.3"
Circumference of Medial Ring:12CM/ 4.7"
Circumference of Base:25CM/ 9.8"
Diameter of Head:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Diameter of Medial Ring:4CM/1.6"
Diameter of Base:8CM/3.1"
Weight: 295g

M Size

Total Length:25CM/ 9.8"
Usable Length:22CM/ 8.7"
Circumference of Head:16CM/ 6.3"
Circumference of Medial Ring:14.5CM/ 5.7"
Circumference of Base:29CM/ 11.4"
Diameter of Head:5.3CM/ 2.1"
Diameter of Medial Ring:4.8CM/1.9"
Diameter of Base:10CM/3.9"
Weight: 535g

L Size

Total Length:30CM/ 11.8"
Usable Length:26CM/ 10.2"
Circumference of Head:19.5CM/ 7.7"
Circumference of Medial Ring:17.5CM/ 6.9"
Circumference of Base:36CM/ 14.2"
Diameter of Head:6.5CM/ 2.6"
Diameter of Medial Ring:5.8CM/2.3"
Diameter of Base:12CM/4.7"
Weight: 875g

XL Size

Total Length:34CM/ 13.4"
Usable Length:30CM/ 11.8"
Circumference of Head:22CM/ 8.7"
Circumference of Medial Ring:20CM/ 7.9"
Circumference of Base:40CM/ 15.7"
Diameter of Head:7.3CM/ 2.9"
Diameter of Medial Ring:6.5CM/2.6"
Diameter of Base:14CM/5.5"
Weight: 1350g