7 Dragon Ball


Size: S
Colour: Black
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7 Dragon Ball

A series of beads gradually increase in size, with perfect spacing, and the pleasure of expansion and contraction of beads every time they pass through the anus is instantly stimulated. Smooth and easy to enter the bead bends with the curve of the body and finally has a fixed base, a perfect fit. Each pull bead advances in close proximity, and when it is pulled out, it feels bursting in an instant. 

Return Policy:We Don't allow returns or exchanges due to the nature of the product. But if you have any questions about our toys, feel free to reach out before purchasing and we can get you more pictures. Toys may vary from the product photos slightly since no two pours are exactly alike. Please remember, these are handmade items and can vary slightly from one toy to the next.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Head diameter:0.86inches
Middle diameter:1.10inches
Diameter of the tail:1.37inches
Diameter of the base: 2.36inches
Full length: 9.44 inches
Insertable length: 8.66 inches
Weight: 138 grams

M Size

Head diameter:1.18inches
Middle diameter:1.37inches
Diameter of the tail:1.77inches
Diameter of the base: 3.14inches
Full length: 12.79 inches
Insertable length: 11.02 inches
Weight: 287 grams

L Size

Head diameter:1.41inches
Middle diameter:1.73inches
Diameter of the tail:2.16inches
Diameter of the base: 3.93inches
Full length: 14.96 inches
Insertable length: 13.38 inches
Weight: 527 grams

XL Size

Head diameter:1.65inches
Middle diameter:2.00inches
Diameter of the tail:2.55inches
Diameter of the base: 4.72inches
Full length: 17.71 inches
Insertable length: 18.11 inches
Weight: 867 grams