SWISOK-Kelpie with Cum Tube | Wildplum Pink

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Size: S
Hardness: Medium
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Kelpie with Cum Tube

Welcome to the sailing world of SWISOK!The island that we arrived this time is shrouded by big trees. From a distance, it looks like a ball of green grass, lush and full of colorful flowers.There is a lake in the center of the island from nowhere. We approached the lake and set up a boat to row on the lake.Suddenly, the center of the lake sprayed water up to 70 inches high, and gradually the water formed a horse.Is the water horse-Kelpie we meet ?

The shape of Kelpies is inspired by water horse.The surging water from the lake soared into the sky, converging at the top into the head of the Kelpie.The Kelpie's head is shaped like a small sunflower by the constant gushing of water,like a fountain bursting as it enters your body.As the water flows down, it forms the middle of the Kelpie's layers of water wrinkle, and you can feel his friction as you slide in and out.The water flows to the bottom, being massive and protruding legs that make your ride being a huge challenge.As you grind deeper, ,you seem to come across his water-wrinkled base.It is worth mentioning that the horsehair of the Kelpie extends all the way to the bottom to increase the riding experience.

On the basis of the original design, add a cum tube to get the ejaculation experience.Kelpie is made of water, certainly shoots one a fountain of mean water.The cum tube of our ejaculation product is non-removable so that don't worry about coming off easily.All ejaculation product include a complimentary syringe to help you for play sessions and cum tube clean.

The bottom of the toy features a large silicone suction cup with considerable suction power which for Hands-Free Play.The powerful suction releases the freedom of your hands. It can be attached to any smooth surface such as a mirror or wall. It can be used and retracted vertically or horizontally on the wall. The unisex penis stimulates the G-spot and prostate, whether single or couple use, just enjoy it.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Head diameter: 2.2 inches
Middle diameter:1.3inches
Diameter of the tail:1.7 inches
Diameter of the base:3.0inches
Full length:8.1inches
Insertable length: 6.7 inches

M Size

Head diameter: 2.6 inches
Middle diameter:1.5inches
Diameter of the tail:2.1 inches
Diameter of the base:3.5 inches
Full length:9.5inches
Insertable length: 7.5 inches

L Size

Head diameter: 3.0 inches
Middle diameter:1.8 inches
Diameter of the tail:2.5 inches
Diameter of the base:4.3 inches
Full length:10.9 inches
Insertable length: 9.1 inches