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Size: MINI
Colour: Rose Noir
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While the world of Nothosaur is a realm of love and freedom, it doesn't mean that life and death don't exist. In the grand arena of the Opatra Desert, relatives bring the deceased to this place every day to seek an audience with the god of death, Anpu. Anpu extracts the souls of the departed and engages in conversations with them, inquiring about their wishes: to be reborn in reincarnation or to traverse between the underworld and the world of Nothosaur as a spirit. The former allows direct entry into the cycle of rebirth. The latter requires the body to remain uncorrupted. The one capable of accomplishing all this is only the semen of the god of death, Anpu...

Although Anpu's appearance may seem frail and harmless, he actually harbors an intense fetish. Anpu requires continuous sexual activity and the continuous ejaculation of semen to address the unending stream of the deceased, ensuring that the relatives can promptly anoint the bodies of the departed to prevent them from decaying due to prolonged waiting...


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.


Total Length:11.0CM/4.3"
Usable Length:9.5CM/ 3.7"
Diameter of Head:2.0CM/ 0.8"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:3.2CM/ 1.2"
Diameter of Base:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Circumference of Head:7.5CM/ 3.0"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:10.0CM/ 3.9"
Circumference of Base:14.5CM/ 5.7"

XS Size

Total Length:14.5CM/5.7"
Usable Length:12.5CM/ 4.9"
Diameter of Head:2.5CM/ 1.0"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:4.2CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Base:5.2CM/ 2.0"
Circumference of Head:8.0CM/ 3.1"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:14.5CM/5.7"
Circumference of Base:17.0CM/ 6.7"

S Size

Total Length:17.5CM/6.9"
Usable Length:15.5CM/ 6.1"
Diameter of Head:3.3CM/ 1.3"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:5.5CM/ 2.2"
Diameter of Base:6.5CM/ 2.5"
Circumference of Head:10.0CM/ 3.9"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:17.0CM/6.7"
Circumference of Base:21.0CM/ 8.2"

M Size

Total Length:20.8CM/8.2"
Usable Length:18.0CM/ 7.1"
Diameter of Head:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:6.4CM/ 2.5"
Diameter of Base:7.5CM/ 3.0"
Circumference of Head:12.0CM/ 4.7"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:21.5CM/8.4"
Circumference of Base:25.0CM/ 9.8"

L Size

Total Length:24.0CM/9.4"
Usable Length:21.0CM/ 8.2"
Diameter of Head:4.5CM/ 1.8"
Diameter of Thickest Shaft:7.3CM/2.9"
Diameter of Base:9.0CM/ 3.5"
Circumference of Head:14.7CM/ 5.8"
Circumference of Thickest Shaft:23.0CM/9.1"
Circumference of Base:29.0CM/ 11.4"