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Size: S
Colour: Spirits Red
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Area: Seven-Star BambooForest
Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon are collectively known as the Seven Obsidians. These seven stars descended on the Nothosaur Mainland in the form of seven species of animals, and their habitat was called the Seven-Star BambooForest.
Chen Stormstout is one of the Seven Obsidians.
Chen Stormstout is a legendary Pandaren master brewer who travels throughout the Nothosaur Mainland in search of unique and exotic recipes for its ever-improving brews. A skilled brewer, Chen is also a powerful martial arts monk who enjoys living a spontaneous life and traveling the world uninhibited.
"A moment of good wine tasting and a lifetime of brewing.
The white fleece-like design of the bottom of the Chen is like touching the soft fur of a panda. The twine-like belt in the middle tells the mysterious adventures of the master brewer. The cloudy pattern spreading to the center is full of oriental charm. The rounded design of the head is closer to that of a bear, and when touched, the desire is like the smell of drunkenness sweeping through the body.
The red and black fade color is like the blush on the face after drinking liquor. The white base is like the lees of the wine after the brew emits an exotic fragrance of ecstasy. In the psychedelic, Chen's veins have been erected, waiting for you to enjoy.
Taste it.

Appearance Design
Stormstout is round and resembles a human, which is a small dessert that tempts you to try it. But in the middle, its body will be thickened with strong muscles, gradually satisfying your desires; the muscles on the back are surprisingly smooth; the white fluff-like design seems to touch the soft fur of the panda, and the design of the hemp rope makes the You have a deeper sense of story experience.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total Length:14CM/ 5.5"
Usable Length:10.5CM/ 4.1"
Diameter of Head:3.5CM/ 1.4"
Diameter of Shaft:4.8CM/ 1.9"
Diameter of Shaft-base:3.7CM/1.5"
Diameter of Base:7.4CM/ 3.0"
Weight: 270g

M Size

Total Length:17CM/ 6.7"
Usable Length:12.5CM/ 4.9"
Diameter of Head:4.0CM/ 1.6"
Diameter of Shaft:5.8CM/ 2.3"
Diameter of Shaft-base:4.3CM/1.7"
Diameter of Base:9.0CM/ 3.5"
Weight: 490g

L Size

Total Length:19CM/ 7.5"
Usable Length:15.5CM/ 6.1"
Diameter of Head:5.0CM/ 2.0"
Diameter of Shaft:6.8CM/ 2.7"
Diameter of Shaft-base:5.3CM/2.1"
Diameter of Base:10.8CM/ 4.2"
Weight: 820g