Nothosaur AVOYO-Realistic Horse Knot Fantasy Anal Dildos

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Size: S
Colour: Black and white
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Area: Brooke Grassland
AVOYO is the most contrasted guy in Brooke Grassland.
Brooke Grassland is home to some of the biggest and strongest beasts in the world, and the AVOYO is one of the biggest.
It is such a strong, seemingly rough-looking half-man, half-horse beast but crazy about pink and fluffy everything.
"Come on, pink and fluffy are the warmest and greatest inventions in the world, okay?!"

AVOYO inhabits the border between Brooke Grassland and Frozen Icefield.
Such a place is not too hot for his fluffy house and fluffy everything.
AVOYO has a breathtaking fluffy pink castle. Pink fluffy sofas, pink fluffy walls, pink fluffy pictures, pink fluffy unicorns at the entrance "Welcome to PINK-PINK HOUSE".
Such a lovely pink castle attracts many travelers and friends.
If you see pink fireworks at the junction of Brooke Grassland and Frozen Icefield, it's time for a lively AVOYO party.
AVOYO pals (GRAEMEN, NICOS, etc.) will attend, not just for the fluffy pink castle, but also to covet the AVOYO's super thick pink cock.
The best technique of the AVOYO is [warmth flooding]. In the plush warm house by a 30cm long and 7.5cm wide giant cock penetration, a moment of fullness crazy feeling to the brain center. It is believed that every muscle inside can feel the stimulation and warmth.
Each thrust is a ferocious pink assault.

Sweat and semen lust are sprayed on the pink velvet.
This is the favorite part of AVOYO. "Perfect work!

Appearance Design:
AVOYO is inspired by the horses. Strong and challenging. It has a beautiful flared head and is slightly raised, it definitely brings you more freshness and stimulation. As you go deeper, you can feel its meridians bulging with excitement. Once past the medial ring, you will feel the depths of pleasure. Lifelike skin folds combined with suction cups that you can crazy ride wherever you want.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Head diameter: 2.2 inches
Middle diameter: 2.0 inches
Diameter of the tail:2.6 inches
Diameter of the base: 4.7 inches
Full length:11 inches
Insertable length: 9.4 inches
Weight: 850 grams

M Size

Head diameter: 2.6 inches
Middle diameter: 2.4 inches
Diameter of the tail:3.0 inches
Diameter of the base: 5.9 inches
Full length:12.9 inches
Insertable length: 10.6 inches
Weight: 1400 grams

L Size

Head diameter: 3.0 inches
Middle diameter: 2.8 inches
Diameter of the tail:3.3 inches
Diameter of the base: 7 inches
Full length:14.9 inches
Insertable length: 11.8 inches
Weight: 2200 grams