SWISOK -Fenrir with Cum Tube

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Size: S
Colour: Blood-Stained Snow
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Fenrir with Cum Tube

Nautical World Name: Desert Lonewolf- Fenrir
Nautical Map Point: Torn Valley

Welcome to the Torn Valley in the nautical world of SWISOK!Inspired by the Norse myth of the son of evil god - Fenrir. He was imprisoned by the gods all his life, and while imprisoned he became able to devour the world. And he was also killed for devouring the father of the gods. He has been bound by a magical chain - Gleipnir since birth. Legend has it that when Fenrir meets that fateful man, Gleipnir will be unraveled, and Fenrir will unleash the power of desire.

Meet Fenrir, a pronounced and pointed tip that allows for easy insertion, then you'll notice the Gleipnir chain wraps around the edge of his head. Work your way along to experience a muscular shaft covered in enticing plates and curves. Just when you think it's no longer fun, you will meet his knot. If you're the one for him, if you can get through his knot without a hitch, you'll start riding like crazy.

On the basis of the original design, add a cum tube to get the ejaculation experience. The cum tube of our ejaculation product is non-removable so don't worry about coming off easily. All ejaculation products include a complimentary syringe to help you for play sessions and cum tube clean.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used. Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Head Circumference: 4.92 inches
Thickest Circumference: 5.31 inches
Full length: 6.69 inches
Insertable length: 5.51 inches
Weight: 275 grams / 0.6 lbs

M Size

Head Circumference: 5.90 inches
Thickest Circumference: 6.49 inches
Full length: 8.07 inches
Insertable length: 6.69 inches
Weight: 472 grams /1.04 lbs

L Size

Head Circumference: 7.08 inches
Thickest Circumference: 7.87 inches
Full length: 9.44 inches
Insertable length: 7.87 inches
Weight: 753 grams / 1.66 lbs

XL Size

Head Circumference: 8.26 inches
Thickest Circumference: 9.05 inches
Full length: 11.02 inches
Insertable length: 9.05 inches
Weight: 1136 grams /2.5 lbs

XXL Size

Head Circumference: 9.3 inches
Full length: 12.4 inches
Insertable length: 10.2 inches
Weight: 1656 grams /3.65 lbs