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Size: S
Colour: Red & Pink
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Area: Opatra Desert
This is the last drop of water in the sheepskin sac, but this drop will not give birth to an oasis It will only make the sunburn more and the longing more.
Some subtle molecules in the air are stirring, and the hot sand beneath our feet
The searing sand beneath our feet emits a steady stream of heat, and the climbing poisonous plants in the sand dunes raise their heads slightly, emitting a dangerous scent.
Everything foreshadows a dust storm that will cover the sky tonight, accompanied by a full moon. The aborigines call this lunatic - a sandstorm that swirls like a madman and causes a frenzy.
MATHAYUS felt itself getting agitated, and it wasn't sure where this emotion came from, which was not in keeping with its usual style. Sweat was dripping down its chest. It had no time to wipe it off, letting the salty liquid slide down its toned line, leaving a lickable trail. Its eyes locked on the ignorant prey, not a moment apart, the deep dark gold eyes have been simulated countless times will prey devoured.
In the past, such an easy job it could do in minutes. The other party is the unarmed traveler, living in a tent without any guards. Because it could not stand the stifling desert heat, the target often opened the door wide and let out heavy gasps. Yes, open in every sense of the word, including the chest and the lustful nectar.
MATHAYUS felt its desire rearing its ugly head; never before had it felt such a strong desire for its prey. This desire was never just to have its prey's warm blood spurting all over the place; what it was looking forward to was having its own fleshy blade showered with its prey's nectar. Again, let the prey can not control the gasp, or orgasm under the loss of panting. The sandstorm howled outside the tent while MATHAYUS was planning to try to end the life of its prey by a special means. This is simpler than disemboweling but more cruel and ruthless than dismemberment. It will put its own murder weapon from the bottom to stab into the body of the prey. At first, the prey will be excited by the paralyzing venom secreted by MATHAYUS, and the slight feeling of fullness will only increase the pleasure with the lubrication of the venom.
The prey's body trembles uncontrollably, every cell in every pore screaming "more, please", and MATHAYUS is only just beginning to satisfy its prey's desires. When the prey falls in love.
When the prey was ready to enjoy the teasing, MATHAYUS's ball-shaped knot was not hesitant to press against the prey's slightly swollen hole. The prey realizes that it has fallen into the trap of this ruthless killer when it notices the strange sensation coming from its body. What followed was a pointless struggle, the prey's eyes filled with fear and pleading.
"Don't come in, please, I can do anything!

Appearance design:
The shape design is the tail of a scorpion, with a streamlined shape, a stout body, a mind-blowing knot, and a pointed tip, the feeling of each part stretching you in ways you wouldn't expect.
It has some defined details on its shaft and the unique spines of scorpions on its back, the shaft has three pleasant small bulges, this one’s designed to stretch you in all ways possible.
With a stronger suction cup, swallow it and tame it tonight.

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When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

S Size

Total length:7.9"/ 20CM
Insertable length:6.3"/ 16CM
Diameter of Head :1.3"/ 3.3CM
Diameter of kont:2.2" / 5.5CM
Diameter of Base:3.1" / 8CM
Weight: 350 grams

M Size

Total length:9.0"/ 23CM
Insertable length:7.5"/ 19CM
Diameter of Head :1.6"/ 4CM
Diameter of kont:2.6" / 6.5CM
Diameter of Base:3.5" / 9CM
Weight: 500 grams

L Size

Total length:10.2"/ 26CM
Insertable length:8.7"/ 22CM
Diameter of Head :1.7"/ 4.5CM
Diameter of kont:2.9" / 7.5CM
Diameter of Base:4.3" / 11CM
Weight: 800 grams

XL Size

Total length:11.8"/ 30CM
Insertable length:10.2"/ 26CM
Diameter of Head :2.0"/ 5CM
Diameter of kont:3.3" / 8.5CM
Diameter of Base:5.1" / 13CM
Weight: 1150 grams