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Size: One Size
Colour: Red and blue
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Area: Demon Orchard
When you come to the eastern peninsula on the crowded Demon Orchard.
Perhaps you are not for the devil fruit, but you will certainly hear that guarding the devil fruit of the dragon of the giant tongue - LADON.
LADON is one of the nine sons of the MEO. It spent its life perched on the highest peak of the Demon Orchard in the north of the DEVIL FRUIT giant tree.
DEVIL FRUIT and LADON are dependent on each other.
DEVIL FRUIT is born by LADON, also by LADON guard.
The DEVIL FRUIT given by LADON is full of magic power and can make the person eaten have superhuman sexual power.
Without the DEVIL FRUIT given by LADON will be mediocre.

There are countless creatures who want to get the DEVIL FRUIT, but to become the possessor must pass the test of the guardian - LADON.
"Come on, let me see if you have the qualifications to swallow the DEVIL FRUIT."
The challengers bravely raised their swords and tried to defeat LADON.
However, most of the challengers only became playthings under LADON's giant tongue.
Their swords broke on the ground and the slime-filled LADON'S TONGUE wrapped around the challengers, making them moan and groan...
The tongue was smooth and elastic, and the triangular tip of the tongue easily entered the challenger's "weak spot"
Instead of the sound of the challenger's sword fight, the sound of his orgasmic moans came from the DEVIL FRUIT Tree? How interesting.

With semen flowing down, LADON watched the challenger flee, while the guarded devil fruit looked even fatter and fuller.
Do you want a challenge too?

Appearance Design
At the bottom of the Ladon is a dragon head. From the side, the LADON is flat overall. It gradually becomes thicker from the head down, and the bump texture on both sides of the middle and lower increases the design sense of the product. LADON is entrenched in the DEVIL FRUIT tree and is good at changing the color of his body to hide. The poisonous dragon green shows its shape well on LADON, while the hungry blue and red are when Ladon is angry. The color of the body changes, and when it encounters the enemy, the spews out flames to repel the opponent.

Product Specifications
Ladon's has only one size. The total length is 20cm, the length that can be inserted into the body is 16cm, the widest diameter of the Ladon is 4.5cm, and the diameter of the suction cup is 9cm. This is a product for beginners to intermediate, please confirm the size before purchasing.


When the diameters on both sides are different , the thicker data is used.Due to pure manual measurement , there will be deviation within 5mm.

One Size

Head diameter: 0.6 inches
Middle diameter:1.7inches
Diameter of the tail:1.6 inches
Diameter of the base:3.5inches
Full length:7.9inches
Insertable length: 5.7inches