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How to Choose a Suitable Chastity Cage

How to Choose a Suitable Chastity Cage
Choosing the right male chastity cage involves considering your body’s characteristics and personal needs. Ensuring comfort, safety, and effectiveness is paramount to prevent any harm to your body. Here's a guide to help you find the perfect fit for your cock cage.

Measure for a Chastity Cage

Proper measurements are crucial for finding a male chastity device that fits well and is comfortable to wear.

Measuring Penis Length & Girth

Step 1: Ensure your penis is in a relaxed, flaccid state.

Step 2: Use a soft measuring tape or a ruler to measure from the base of your penis (where it meets your pubic area) to the tip of the glans.

Step 3: Measure the circumference of the thickest part (behind the testicles) of your penis shaft. Then divide the circumference by π (3.14) to find your penis diameter.

Knowing the length and the diameter of your penis will help when choosing a penis cage because you will compare it to the length and the inner diameter of our male chastity devices.

For accuracy, take multiple measurements at different times of the day to get an average. Do not take this measurement directly after showering or with an erect (or semi-erect) penis. 

Choosing a Chastity Cage

Selecting a male chastity cage involves more than just measurements. Consider your anatomy size and personal preferences for the best fit.

Cage Size: Choose a cage size that is closest to your flaccid penis measurement to prevent excessive movement inside the penis cage.

Ring Size: Select a diameter that matches your flaccid girth measurement, ensuring it is snug but not too tight.

Color: We offer common colors for chastity devices, including pink, blue, black, transparent, and purple. For those incorporating feminization elements into their chastity play, pink is a popular choice.

If you have any further questions about size, or general inquiries, please contact us at help@juliettoys.com.

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